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Software Solutions to Streamline Energy & Mining Operations

We comprehends that digital change is an imperative component for energy and mining companies to flourish in today’s environment. We offers state-of-the-art mining industry software solutions to empower your business to keep up with the competition and increase their profitability. Following are our software solutions.


Mining Planning and Scheduling Software

This software aids mining businesses in devising and implementing mining plans with efficiency. It fine-tunes scheduling to cut down inactivity, uses resources to the greatest extent possible, and minimizes operational expenditure.


Energy Management Software

With our energy management software, businesses are empowered to take charge of their energy consumption. By allowing for real-time tracking of energy expenses and usage, this software assists companies in devising cost-effective conservation plans.


Supply Chain Management Software

Our supply chain management software assists businesses in optimizing their supply chains and smoothing out their operations. This software also aids mining companies in perfecting their logistics, reducing their inventory, and track energy/product delivery.


Predictive Maintenance Software

Through this software, energy and mining businesses can monitor the status of their equipment and spot any potential issues before they arise. This aids mining companies in curbing the loss of equipment use and minimizing the expenses associated with maintenance.


Data Analytics and Visualization Software

Our erp software for mining industry facilitate businesses to make sense of big data sets. This helps mining companies stay on top of operational indicators, control production levels, and recognize spaces for progress.


Mobile Applications

Our mobile applications grant businesses a constant stream of crucial information and enable remote operations. Mining businesses benefit from these apps as they allow them to watch their operations, keep tabs on their equipment performance, and quickly pinpoint any operational problems, no matter the location.

Features of Energy and Mining Software

Energy and mining software help your business to streamline operations, boost efficiency, and improve safety standards. These industries have unique set of requirements owing to diverse challenges and regulatory standards.

  • Resource Planning and Optimization
  • Mine and Asset Management
  • Energy Management
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Safety and Incident Management
  • Geographic Information Systems
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We Combine Modern Tech to Create Next-Gen Solutions  

By leveraging the secure and transparent distributed ledger of blockchain technology, the energy and mining industry can keep track of the origin of minerals for responsible sourcing and sustainable practices. 

 Next-Gen Solutions  

Prioritizing User-experience

Our UX/UI professionals are devoted to offering a seamless user experience to our clients. We recognize that usability and navigation are fundamental components in the accomplishment of any software system, and make sure to make them a priority during the production procedure. 

 Next-Gen Solutions  

Focus on Innovation

We prioritize innovation in our mining project management software system, ensuring our clients stay competitive. Keeping tabs on the most up-to-date industry trends and developments, we provide cutting-edge technology. 

 Next-Gen Solutions  

Seamless Delivery Models 

By leveraging the secure and transparent distributed ledger of blockchain technology, the energy and mining industry can keep track of the origin of minerals for responsible sourcing and sustainable practices. 

 Next-Gen Solutions  

Real-time Solutions

Our tailored mining industry software solutions are tailored for energy and mining companies and are available anytime and anywhere. This gives our customers the ability to stay abreast of their operations and make quick, informed decisions. 

 Next-Gen Solutions  

Latest Technology Deployment

Leveraging the latest advancements in technology, we develop advanced software solutions for our clients, employing cutting-edge tools and techniques for maximum scalability, dependability, and safety. 

 Next-Gen Solutions  

Dedicated Developer Team

Our expert team of developers possess invaluable expertise in the energy and mining industries and use their skills and knowledge to create the highest caliber of software solutions for mining companies. With a steadfast dedication to success, we are sure to meet the needs of our clients.

Real World Success Stories

Digital Transformation of Asia's Leading Environment Management Firm Our client, a leading Singapore based firm dealing in energy distribution services to millions of customers. The company faces challenges with unplanned equipment downtime, resulting into service interruptions and increased maintenance costs. The successful development and implementation of predictive maintenance software for an energy distribution firm resulted into the positive impact on reliability, cost reduction, and operational efficiency.

Explore Our Case Studies

Digital Transformation for a Power Plant Development Company- Sterlite Our client, Sterlite is an energy company focused on the development and operation of power plants in India. They were looking to automate their business process by investing in next-gen app development. Earlier, they were operating through a legacy system that was vulnerable to mistakes and security threats. OrangeMantra helped them to transform their internal and external workflow by building an app integrated with a workflow tracking mechanism.

Explore Our Case Studies

Empowering Energy Distribution with Predictive Maintenance Software Development Our client, a leading sustainability consultancy firm that offers a holistic approach to green building. They aspire to be the industry’s partner and advisor on sustainability, alternative energy, and environmental, social & governance (ESG). They have a strong presence in India, Singapore, and Africa. They were looking to build multiple websites to spread awareness about the environment, waste recycling, the survival of our planet, and other green measures. They partnered with OrangeMantra to digitally transform their operation by building multiple websites.

Explore Our Case Studies

Clients We Served

  • SKF
  • SKF
  • Hero
  • PVR
  • Eicher
  • Relaxo
  • TVS
  • IKEA
  • Decathlon

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Tools & Technologies to Build Energy & Mining Software Solutions

  • Programming Languages

  • c++C++
  • Java Java
  • Python
  • C
  • Database

  • MY SQL  PostgreSQL
  • mariaDB MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • Oracle
  • Cloud Platforms

  • MY SQL  Microsoft Azure
  • mariaDB AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • IBM Cloud
  • Visualization Tools

  • Tableau    Tableau
  • Power BI   Power BI
  • D3.js D3.js
  • Google Charts Google Charts

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All of our software developers are selected by going through a technical interview session and have at least 5 years of experience. We provide professional mining software development services to ensure your business gets desired success in competitive world.
OrangeMantra, your software partner begins development on your custom mining software development project as soon as you sign NDA. The time can be defined once your business needs are determined. After knowing the whole objectives, we can set a time frame.
The cost is determined by different factors, including the features, technology suite, and assigned team. You can connect to experts for cost estimate to build desired application.
We sign a proper NDA to keep mining project management software system idea, data and other crucial information protected from any leaks. We regularly give training to our teams and provide them assistance to build secure, and highest-quality software solutions.