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Build Your Web Presence with the Powerful Simplicity of Bolt CMS

With online presence becoming a-must for even small enterprises, demands for modern yet cost-efficient frameworks have increased massively. SMEs and new entrepreneurs are increasingly looking for platforms that offer flexibility while ensuring design richness. You need an open-source platform having reliable architecture. That’s where Bolt website development comes in.

Bolt provides an open-source content management system powered by PHP and Symfony capabilities. Bolt strives as a straightforward framework for building UX-rich websites. Developers love its easy-to-use configuration and elegant templates, among other features. At OrangeMantra, a Bolt website development company, we offer highly customized web development using the Bolt CMS framework.

Why Choose Bolt CMS For Your Website

Bolt provides an open-source framework with easy content creation and simple development capabilities, among many other advantages.

Uniquely designed API

Bolt offers both RESTful and GraphQL APIs that don’t require any extra configuration. You can also use the CMS framework for building headless web solutions or alongside a static website generator per needs.

Multilingual capabilities

Using Bolt CMS, you can add more language to your website just in one line of code. Besides, developers can get field-level control that lets them decide which part of the website needs translating to other languages.

Dummy content for testing

Bolt CMS comes with ready-to-use dummy content. You can use these pieces of content to showcase your work to clients. All these are just in one line of code, and your website is ready to demonstrate content layouts.

Updated Symfony extensions

Bolt’s core is a Symfony application. That means you can use all the tools that Symfony provides. With these Symfony capabilities, your content management system gets boundless functionalities.

Attractive website templates

Twig, a popular template standard across the PHP community, comes in-built with the Bolt framework. With Twig templates, you get flexible, fast, and secure web development tools for your site.

Top-notch content editors

The Bolt CMS framework offers two of the top content editors. With Article and Redactor, you get access to fully licensed content-editing capabilities. Bolt makes content creation, editing, and publishing hassle-free.

Bolt Web Development Services We Offer

From theme design to CMS customization and website maintenance, we offer a full range of services.

Bolt CMS Customization
We customize the modern PHP framework and Symfony functionalities per your unique needs. Our experienced developers seamlessly integrate third-party plugins and modules to personalize your site.
Web UI/UX Design
We offer user interface and user experience designs to make your website seamless and immersive. Our designers focus on these two central design elements to create experiences that impress.
Responsive Web Design
Our services enhance your website to create a flawless experience for visitors browsing from different devices. A team of responsive design specialists revamps your site using the most evolved design tools.
Bolt Themes & Templates
We are ready to help you with top-rated theme customizing that suits your business requirements. Whether you are facing design limitations or need to deploy a new theme, we are here to help.
CMS Development
Let our developers take care of your site’s design and content presentation. Using the Bolt framework, we build content management systems that boost traffic and engagement on your website.
Website Maintenance & Support
Our web design and development expertise combined with the advanced capabilities of PHP and Symfony makes maintenance efficient. With us, you can rest assured and get reliable services.

Our Website Development Process

Every website design and development project at OrangeMantra goes through a dynamic and data-driven process.

Audience analysis

Our experienced design researchers dig deeper into the interests, behavior, and inclinations of your target audience. The user research process involved speaking to existing and prospective customers, conducting broader surveys, and seeking stakeholder inputs.

Design strategy

From the very beginning, we stay focused on creating a web design that drives traffic and engagement. Our strategy aligns with the site’s desired structure, layout, and content perfectly. A team of design thinkers, UX experts, and content creators together build the strategy.

Planning & sitemap

Planning is the step where we combine the audience analysis data and strategy into a design blueprint. It’s also the phase where we finalize the tools and technologies required for the custom website designing project. We create a sitemap comprising the structure, navigation, etc.

Website design

It’s the step where the actual design starts. We experiment with different design templates early in this phase. Our design team utilizes all the wireframes created during planning. We create separate templates for the web, mobile, and tablet to ensure a fully responsive design.

Web development & testing

Being a Bolt website development company, we’re poised to deliver flawless solutions. We have a track record of seamlessly dealing with specification documents and marked-up web designs. A team of eagle-eyed software testers analyzes the wen design before delivery.

Search engine optimization

The importance of SEO in website design goes without saying. Keeping the SEO processed for later may cost you substantially in terms of web traffic and conversions. That’s why we make SEO an integral part of web designing. It helps you quickly build a profitable web presence.

What Clients Say


Bolt is a straightforward content management system for building websites. It’s a modern PHP-based development framework with Symfony at its core.
There is no average or predefined development cost for Bolt websites. The costs depend on what kind of website you need. Costs are comparatively lower with Bolt since it’s an open-source framework. However, if you need a site with more advanced features, the cost will be a little higher. OrangeMantra offers market-best pricing for Bolt website development services.
Responsive design is a web development approach that creates dynamic changes to the appearance of a website. It ensures that the web page changes payout depending on the screen size and orientation of the device being used to view it. Responsive design can make your site mobile-friendly, improve the way it looks on devices with both large and small screens.