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The massive data that you’ve collected about your business, partners, and customers opens the door to boundless opportunities. However, you may not realize that this precious wealth of data is also vulnerable to various challenges, especially when it comes to efficient data management and access. Additionally, various data management solutions and tools including the ETL system, data warehouses, and other data analytics tools seem to be a complex and expensive affair. Therefore, it’s high time you should consider an effective approach to data management and access that will boost your business growth by providing timely data to your team officials and helping them make informed decisions faster without overburdening your IT professionals.

Orange Mantra provides enterprise database management solutions that enable users to leverage a hybrid approach to access and manage their Big Data. Our data management solutions empower enterprises to retrieve and use data from multiple sources, and seamlessly integrate on-premises and cloud-based environments to extract actionable insights. Infused with artificial intelligence, our data management system provisions multiple languages and frameworks used in AI to support natural language querying and ML algorithms for peak performance. Orange Mantra’s data management solutions run across any cloud environment, helping organizations to boost innovation by seamlessly integrating their analytics and applications.

Key Features of Our Data Management Solutions


Our AI-infused data management systems help enterprises to gain in-depth insights and achieve enhanced database performance.

Hybrid/Multi-cloud Architecture

Our data management system offers a hybrid, multi-cloud experience to your datacenter. You can leverage our solution for an innovative and faster implementation strategy.

Scalability & Accessibility

Our scalable data management system enables you to access your data through multiple hosts to ensure higher levels of scalability and accessibility.

Efficient & Faster Querying

Our AI-enabled data management system optimizes the performance of data platforms through well-executed querying.

We Offer All-inclusive Data Management Services for Multiple Database Environments

We combine our in-depth knowledge, expertise, state-of-the-art technologies, and proven methodologies to deliver the most reliable, cost-effective and superior-quality data management services for various data ecosystems. With our scalable data management solutions, we offer improved efficiency, flexibility, and business values with minimal capital and operational costs.

Common Business Challenges that Affect Your Business Growth

Non-integrated data

Poor data quality and security

Extensive, fragmented data

Usage of different sources for data generation

Scattered data in different sizes, types, & locations

Difficulty in searching delivering the right data to the right user at the right time

Top Solutions Offered By Our Advanced Data Management System

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A database management system is a system that is developed to define, retrieve, manipulate, and manage data in a database based on the data format, field names, architecture, and file structure.
We focus on the information rather than device or datacenter, gain a complete understanding of your business data, use cutting-edge technologies to maintain efficiency, set consistent policies, guidelines, and governance, and implement a flexible data infrastructure that supports scalability and growth.
Every organization needs a data management system to address Data Governance, Data Operations, & Data Delivery. Deploying a robust data management system ensures higher data quality, enhanced data security, and deeper business insights driving informed decision-making.