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When it comes to eCommerce, having a fast and high performing website can make you stay ahead in the competition. However, optimizing a Magento site is a bit complex process. That’s where our expert team of Magento developers comes in. We, at Orange Mantra, offer Magento speed optimization services using a wide array of Magento 2 speed optimization techniques including fixing sluggish plugins and extensions, implementing varnish, and mod_pagespeed, and much more. With our Magento optimization services, we create endless possibilities for eCommerce business owners to attract more customers to their store. While users love fast websites, Google also uses webpage speed in web search ranking.

Webpage speed and performance are crucial not only for ranking in search results but also for the User Experience (UX) on your website. Studies reveal that in eCommerce, the slower your website, the less you will reap better results. Website speed and performance also affect bounce rate, conversions, and ultimately your business profit.

Leveraging the Power of Software for Result-Oriented Business Process Management

Why There’s a Need for Magento Performance Optimization?

Here are some real facts and figures that will help you understand how speed affects your Magento 2 website and see the benefits of Magento 2 speed optimization.

Magento Performance Optimization

Mobile Users

About 64% of smartphone users expect a webpage to load within 4 seconds.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Nearly 47% of customers expect pages to load in less than 2 seconds.



For every 1 second delay in page load time, there’s an 11% loss of webpage views.



1 second delay will drop your conversion by 7%.



79% of customers who are dissatisfied with website performance are less likely to visit and make a purchase from that same website again.



If your website generates revenue of $100,000 per day, 1 second improvement in webpage speed can bring $7,000 more daily.

Key Benefits of Magento 2 Speed Optimization

  • Improved User Experience
  • Lower bounce rates and hence increased overall conversion rate
  • Reduces server load significantly
  • You will gain maximum profit for your Magento eCommerce business
  • Saves maximum server’s cost
  • Better Magento execution, webpage speed, performance, and optimization.

Our Full Spectrum of Magento Speed Optimization Services

Analyze User Behavior

We use Google Analytics and other effective tools to analyze end-user behavior to identify which areas of your store offer the worst user experience and need improvement the most. We also discuss your KPIs and business challenges to ensure that our Magento optimization service is aligned with your business goals.

Combine and Minify CSS, HTML, and JavaScript

Our professionals are here to help you keep up with the latest web standards by minifying and combining your CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. They accurately configure codes and webserver to deliver fast and precise CSS and JS pieces to make sure that your visitors only receive files that are required.

Review and Optimize Server Environment

Our Magento experts will review your server environment thoroughly and will provide the best-suited settings for your eCommerce store. They will analyze and perform softwae upgrades to make sure that all software versions are updated appropriately and perform server hardware configuration-related adjustments for Apache, Nginx, and PHP-FPM, etc.

Installation of Caching Engines

Sometimes it is better to move sessions to a cache than maintaining a database. Our Magento developers understand which cache backend system is best used in a single server or multi-server environment, and how to configure and optimize it. We can help you install, configure, and fine-tune APC cache, Memcached, Redis cache, or Varnish cache for Magento, and make sure they have smooth interaction.

Fine-tune CSS and JavaScript

Our Magento developers will resolve all the errors and issues in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript in real-time. This helps in optimizing your Magento store to a large extent. If you need to get your code checked and fine-tuned, avail our Magento optimization service at the most affordable rate.

Code Examination

Very often website speed issues in Magento arise due to third-party modules, unused extensions, or clashes between various modules. Our team of experienced Magento developers can spot these issues easily and fix them in real-time.

CDN Configuration

Using a CDN provider can help in loading the static content much faster. Our team of Magento experts is here to help you in the configuration of the CDN, just in a few hours. Simply reach out to us for CDN configuration service.

Full Page Cache Configuration

Full-page cache configuration in Magento allows fast loading of display category, product, and CMS pages. We are here to assist you to implement a full page cache or varnish. Avail of our Magento optimization service for professional assistance.

MySQL Configuration Tuning

Our Magento audit your Magento store performance provides you with the best-fit recommendations, and configure and optimize the database to make sure that it is in sync with your online store, is clean and load balanced, and can make differences between reading and write databases.

Database Performance Analysis

Our Magento specialists will take note and analyze all slow queries of your store’s database. After the comprehensive analysis, they will optimize MySQL queries to make them as fast as possible.

Profiling Investigation

Magento profiler helps you identify performance loopholes on the server-side. Our Magento experts can effectively perform profiling of your Magento store and help you fix Magento performance optimization related issues.

SQL Injections for Security Checks

Our Magento specialists review SQL queries to fix all the coding bugs, errors, issues, and malpractices to provide you with a fully optimized Magento website. Get in touch with our experts to avail our professional Magento 2 speed optimization services.

Fix and Optimize Third-party Extensions

Our team of experienced Magento experts fixes and optimizes third-party extensions that create several database queries which can slow down even a fast server setup. We examine the extension code, identify the loopholes, and make these extensions work in harmony with one another. We group these queries together to reduce the load on the database server.

Guaranteed Results from Our Magento Optimization Services

Low website speed and performance is a blockage to your greater outputs and ROI. It is a big problem for your customers, your contractors, your content team, and your bottom line. Do you want to speed up Magento 2 store? Contact us for Magento speed optimization services today. With us, you can outperform your competitors in the eCommerce market. We guarantee that after availing our Magento performance optimization service, you will

  • Have no delays from 2x to 5x traffic growth during peak hours or viral campaigns.
  • Pass all Google Lighthouse audits.
  • Achieve green PageSpeed Insights score on all pages of your Magento store.
  • Get <1 second backend server response time from an uncached webpage and <300 milliseconds for cached pages.
  • Speed Up Magento 2 Store in 4 Steps

    We are ready to initiate the project within 2 days after our first meeting. Once the project commences, we will set up advanced web server analytics and start gathering data about web server performance to identify loopholes in the code.

    • Step 1 – Get in Touch with Our Experts
    • Step 2 – Our Specialists Start the Evaluation within 2 Days
    • Step 3 – We Deliver Actionable Code Bottleneck Review
    • Step 4 – Use Our Magento Optimization Experts to Implement the Changes
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    Speed Up Magento 2 Store
    Magento 2 Speed Optimization Services

    Main Highlights of Our Magento 2 Speed Optimization Services

    • ⦁ 15+ Years of Magento Experience
    • ⦁ 50+ Certified Magento Developers
    • ⦁ Best Market Price with Best Value
    • ⦁ On-Time Delivery
    • ⦁ 100% Success Rate

    Why Not Try Us Out Before Availing Our Magento Performance Optimization Services?

    We are confident and committed to delivering the best results on the market. However, there’s no pressure to commit before you find out how we can help you speed up Magento 2 store cost-effectively. With their vast experience and strong expertise, our Magento specialists will take 2 days to deliver a custom-tailored detailed code bottleneck review with detailed actionable optimization instructions and see how we will speed up Magento 2 store for you.

    Our experts also conduct a Magento store performance audit to check and eliminate all bottlenecks that will cost you eCommerce sales if your Magento website goes viral. After the Magento performance audit is complete, you will receive a detailed report evaluating your web hosting, front-end, and back-end optimization recommendations along with User Experience (UX) suggestions.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Magento is slow because of its poor database design. The code is quite messy and it’s difficult to optimize and update. Therefore, all Magento optimizations are performed via cache instead of code.
    You can speed up Magento 2 in the following ways:
    • ⦁ Review and optimize web server and system requirements.
    • ⦁ Update to the latest version of Magento 2.
    • ⦁ Implement a Varnish Cache.
    • ⦁ Configure Memcached.
    • ⦁ Enable Flat Categories and Products.
    • ⦁ Optimize and compress JavaScript and CSS.
    • ⦁ Setup Content Delivery Network (CDN).
    • ⦁ Use a mobile-friendly and fast-loading Magento 2 theme.

    For professional assistance, you may reach out to our Magento 2 developers for reliable Magento performance optimization and Magento speed optimization services.

    Yes, we do. We offer Magento theme and image optimization as parts of our full spectrum Magento optimization services to speed up the Magento store for you and drive better results.

    Have More Questions? Ask Our Magento Experts Right Away!

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