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Custom eCommerce Solution for Boosting an Eyewear Company’s Sales

Project Highlights

Our client, Chashma, has a vision to make sure that their eyeglasses represent highest level of international standards of eye-care, lenses, and frames at affordable prices. They’ve built their reputation through multiple brick-and-mortar stores, but the rise of an online store was both necessary and inevitable. That’s how they ended up selling famous brand wear at affordable prices nationwide. They needed a technology partner that can help with the eCommerce store development integrated with ERP for seamless business operation.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

The company needed an engaging and secure eCommerce platform to sell their unique and stylish sunglasses online. They were facing severe business loss and required an online selling platform that is both user friendly and intuitive enough to find all their products. They lack a synchronized inventory mechanism, enabling the company to access their product in stock. Needed different payment options integrated with cost-effective shipping options.

Technology Solution

The strategy and tactics were clearly established from the beginning. We conducted regular meetings to truly understand the business requirements. The next phase was to select a technology suite to convert idea into a realistic selling platform. Products are easily managed and added to the website, with offsite shipping capability and inventory synchronization. Shoppers have access to 360-degree view of products and can even upload prescription to get recommendations.

Value Delivered

The partnership has resulted in a seamless and highly engaging eCommerce experience. Our AI-powered search feature has played a crucial role in driving higher number of sales and customer engagement. In the very first month of launch, client have noticed enhanced customer conversion rates. The overall business performance is increasing over time and directly contributing to overall revenue. The given case study is a small expertise of our entire service portfolio we did for this client which ended into steady growth in overall revenue.

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