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Enable User Satisfaction with Required Usability Testing

OrangeMantra, a Usability testing company through its usability testing services helps all companies to stand out by having an engaging, user-friendly, and intuitive interface. We provide a detailed analysis of the program to satisfy all the needs and requirements that you have in your business. As a renowned Usability testing company in India, we help your business expand swiftly with reliable, enthralling, and powerful design solutions.

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Usability Testing Solutions: A Sure short way to Increased Revenue

Every product needs to be created with the best possible interface so it can offer a commendable user experience. No matter what kind of user they are paid or unpaid, they must have an exceptional experience. The usability of the product is the thing that binds the user to the website and it is one of the main reasons behind the increasing brand visibility and revenue.

To receive a positive reception for your product from the market, factors like effective functionality, stable performance, and rigid security play an integral role. Most people don’t prefer to use your brand or website if they are not receiving such benefits listed here. Thus, seek our Usability testing services to ensure that your interface won’t let anyone's expectations down.

As a Usability testing agency, our team will take care of the UX by testing it in detail and scraping out the minor issues that can hamper the experience a user will attain. Moreover, we will tell you how to fix it so that the place of your product in the market doesn’t get disturbed. We have experts who make you all believe that no matter what industry you belong to, our usability testing service will take care of it.

Usability Testing

What do We Offer You Under Usability Testing Services in India?

OrangeMantra offers a comprehensive suite of usability testing solutions that are tailored to your personal needs. So, please take a look at what you can receive from us.

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Test Planning and Design

A full-fledged usability testing plan is the base for success. The experts will put in all of their efforts to gain an understanding of the objectives, goals, and demands. After that, we create a plan that seems quite parallel to your requirements. What sets us apart from all the other Usability testing solutions providers is the attention to detail and approach focusing specifically on the users.

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Data Analysis & Reporting

Gain valuable insights on usability testing with data analysis and reporting. Due to the blend of qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques, professionals can get their hands on accurate data and can form insightful reports out of that. These reports will not only show the current status of the usability data or analysis but also give your recommendation for telling you how to improve user experience.

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Test Implementation and Data Collection

Performing Usability testing solutions demands expertise and precision where OrangeMantra’s team came into the game. Our professionals will implement tests with great accuracy by ensuring that nothing can go wrong. Our dedicated and unique observation, task performance analysis, and user feedback-gathering tactics help us smoothly in acquiring data.

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Usability Testing for Different Platforms

Make sure that your brand has an impeccable user experience across all devices or platforms by performing usability testing solutions. Our professionals are highly knowledgeable and experienced enough to test your software accordingly to deliver a smart experience irrespective of the presence of any operating system.

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Website Usability Testing Services

When it comes to your digital presence or website, usability testing solutions become crucial as the website needs to be convenient and user-friendly. Our company measures the ease for your users and how simply they can perform their tasks. OrangeMantra applies usability testing services to enhance the performance and make it uncomplicated for the users to engage with the website.

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Mobile Usability Testing Services

Due to the small scope of characteristics and limitations, the mobile interface gets tested thoroughly and deeply. We ensure that the interface of your mobile application becomes friendly for the users. Our team consists of experts in usability testing or spotting the issues of the same and ultimately make you release a high-quality or known product.

Success Narratives of Our Clients

See how our usability testing solutions bring success to the businesses of our clients.

Optimization of an eCommerce Website to Enhance the Conversion Rate

Our client is a strong eCommerce player who is facing a high bounce rate as users are sticking to the website because of a bad UX interface. They come to Orangemantra seeking Usability testing services. Our experts move further with the task of identifying the issues that exist in the checkout process and product search functionality. By implementing the changes based on the user feedback, our client is witnessing a high spike in conversion rate along with improvement in the customer engagement metrics.

Case Study

Enhancement of Customer Retention Rate and Revenue of a Healthcare Mobile App Through Our Usability Testing Solutions

A healthcare startup formed a mobile app but they are not satisfied with the interface or performance thus attain our usability testing services. They wanted to make it simple for the user to track their fitness and nutrition goals. Now, the hidden challenges unfold that are related to data input and navigation within the app. Our team is quite aware of such cases and can effortlessly tackle them. After these all got sorted, the startup was able to optimize their user experience and retention rate which ultimately led to better app performance.

Case Study

Redesigning a Banking App to Gain a Competitive Edge to Refine User Experience

Our clients belong to the banking sector, doing well but lagging in terms of user experience. Thus, what we can do is provide them with effective usability testing solutions to improve their overall mobile banking application. Through our service, we identify loopholes like confusing navigation and unclear labeling. Based on those points, we proceed further with the redesigning tasks that all result in increased user satisfaction and task completion rate. It all enhances the experience of the users that come to our website

Case Study

Technologies & Frameworks We Believe on to Impart our Usability Testing Services

As a known Usability testing solutions provider, we make use of some technologies to enhance the interface of your website exceptionally.

  • Frameworks

  • Technology SUS
  • Technology UEQ
  • Technology NASA-TLX
  • Technology AttrakDiff
  • Technology SEQ
  • Tools

  • Technology Maze
  • Technology Hotjar
  • Technology UserZoom
  • Technology Lookback
  • Technology Userlytics
  • Databases

  • Technology IEEE Xplore
  • Technology PsycINFO
  • Technology ScienceDirect
  • Technology JSTOR
  • Technology PubMed
  • Analytics Platform

  • Technology Click Tail
  • Technology Mouse Flow
  • Technology Inspectlet
  • Technology Lucky Orange
  • Technology Crazy Egg

What are the Benefits One can Gain Through Our Usability Testing Service?

Attaining Usability testing services will not let you only have a performative or refined website with a phenomenal interface but much more than that. Take a look at the following benefits that you can receive from your business.

How Usability Testing Services from Orangemantra Escalate My Business or Product?

Usability testing services will help in identifying the issues before the product launch. It will make the process affordable as the error gets fixed in advance. Know how this service escalates the business.

 Requirements Ambiguity Testing

Better User Experience

Most of the time, some internal discussions took place and became the reason for the emergence of debates that can be solved easily with the help of usability testing services. It all helps in understanding the user experience better to offer services that are not less than the expectations.

 Unit Testing

Improved Product Quality

By conducting usability testing services, we rectify your product flaws effortlessly if any are present, and fix them before the product launches or comes live. Testing will help in enhancing the quality of the product.

 Interface Testing

Elevated Customer Satisfaction

Undoubtedly, Usability testing services from Orangemantra are an ideal way to increase customer satisfaction and generate higher ROI. Under these services, our team used several tools to enhance the UI or UX of the product or website.

User Acceptance Testing

Refined Product Designing

Since the feedback that comes to the business owner is mostly from real users, it becomes necessary for the business users to improve the product according to the user's requirements so that the brand can gain more visibility or traffic that will lead to an elevated bar of sales and revenue.

Smoke Testing

Optimized Redesign Efforts

Upgrading the design of the solution is a vital step to be on the top of the competition and to retain the loyalty of the customers. With the timely usability testing services, you’ll get to know whether the design of the product going to work or not before it is put into production. It will be more difficult and expensive to correct it after the production.

  Regression Testing

Higher Revenue

A successful product is the one that generates the most revenue for the business owners as simple as it is. Usability testing services directly impact the number of users coming on the website along with the more loyal customers, the higher the revenue is. Therefore, ensure that the link between interface and revenue is a crucial one so make it clear.

Industries Where We Impart Our Usability Testing Services

As a leading name in Usability testing services provider, we don’t draw our steps back by knowing the domain your business is related to. Our services are not limited to some industries, take a look at which realms we cater to.

How OrangeMantra Convey its Great Usability Testing Services to Businesses?

We revamp the usage of your application with our usability testing services from end to end. We apply a strategic method to conduct testing to make the app simple for users.

  •   Planning


    We create a test plan to have an idea about the requirements of the testing of the usability elements present in the website or software to improve the interface.

  •  Recruiting


    Users who know how to analyze a website and give real-time feedback are recruited into the team to give valuable insights.

  •  Performing phase

    Performing Phase

    Our team now assigns specific tasks to perform by segregating elements to get the outputs in terms of reports.

  •   Documentation


    After the observation of the performance, we proceed by inspecting the suggestions given by the users and provide the same to you.

  •  Synthesize


    Now, we identified all the bottlenecks, challenges, and loopholes and proceed further to make relevant changes.

  •  Recommend or Suggestion

    Recommend or Suggestion

    We offer you end-to-end recommendations regarding the usability of the website or application to meet all of your business expectations.

Want to Make your Application Stand Apart from the Usability Perspective?

Why choose OrangeMantra for Usability Testing Services?

For more than two decades, we have been providing Usability testing services to our clients through which they receive feedback from real users about their products and services.

Our Clients Absolutely Love Us

Frequently Asked Question

Usability testing solutions don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket every time. With the right approach, usability testing is accessible reasonably. Several methods are included under this like remote usability testing, focus on key user segments, and taking usage of a small number of participants making this solution pocket-friendly.

In most of the scenarios, the usability testing services will completed in a span of a few days to weeks. However, the actual number of days depends on factors like complexity, number of tests, and depth of analysis.

Usability testing refers to the fact of how an app is behaving for a user and how capable it is to complete the desired task without any hassle. It is quite essential for the survival of the product as it will tell how strong it is in terms of UX and provide necessary feedback to improve if there is any scope for the same.

Usability testing services are a promissory investment for a business as they ensure the delivery of a quality product that helps in:
  • Increased sales
  • Better Market position
  • Rigid Brand name
  • Enhanced customer loyalty

Make Your Interface Good Enough to Compel Users to Stick to Your Brand or Product with Our Usability Testing Services