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Gain real-time insights into your application’s usability

Gain real-time insights into your application’s usability

Do your mobile app users have to navigate through a confusing maze of actions to achieve the desired action? Are customers abandoning your website without converting just because they cannot find the right link or page? Is your enterprise application not yielding the desired results because it is hard to understand and use? These concerns can be easily handled with usability testing as it ensures that the app users have the smoothest experience with the application.

At OrangeMantra, we extend dependable usability services that detect any bottlenecks in the application’s usability. The idea is to identify the flaws well before the app’s release, address them on time, and ensure that the end users get empowering experiences. We leverage a scientific approach in a foolproof testing environment to get the most reliable results with the usability tests.

Usability Testing Services We Offer

We offer a comprehensive range of usability testing services that assure accuracy, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Remote usability testing
Get dependable remote software usability testing services across different geographical locations, with experienced developers, testers, and global multiple users going through each aspect of the application to verify its usability across diverse devices and under different conditions.
Website usability testing
We perform an in-depth usability test of a website for two(A/B testing) or more than two versions using multivariate or bucket testing to identify the one that delivers better user experiences with its unique interface and functionalities.
Mobile app usability testing
Ensure the usability of mobile apps with a complete assessment of parameters such as its user-interface, design, security features and functionalities, so that it can easily attract the users and maintain their interest towards the app.
Hallway testing
Get your app tested by random users to gain accurate insights on its quality, usability and functionality and ensure the identification of most basic flaws and irregularities which only a regular user can detect.
Expert review
Our seasoned usability testing experts leverage their skills and experience to review evaluate the applications and audit the relevant parameters for understanding its strengths and scope for improvement.
Automated expert reviews
Maintain the consistency of your websites and mobile apps using automated programs based on the UX designs and heuristic models for getting quick and effective results through an automated review.

Our Process

We follow a tried and tested process for usability testing, with the aim to ensure that your software application is fully ready for the market.


Analysis of the application’s target audience.


Identification of the road taken by the website/app visitors


Detection of the barriers they come across


USP creation, competitor analysis, and Heatmap


Work on improvements on the application.


Creation of a recommendation for improvement

Usability Testing Tools We Leverage

Usability testing tool
Usability testing tool
Usability testing tool
Usability testing tool
Usability testing tool
Usability testing tool
Usability testing tool
Usability testing tool
Usability testing tool
Usability testing tool
choose OrangeMantra as your usability testing partner
Why choose OrangeMantra as your usability testing partner?
  • Get extensive solutions which involve the evaluation of usability requirements from a user’s perspective and direct involvement of real and intended users for testing the product.
  • Avail the advantage of unique, defined, and productive procedures and approaches which focus on user interface and user-experience.
  • Usability tests for websites and mobile apps using the latest testing tools such as CrazyEgg, Optimizely, Usabilla, Keynote, ClickTale, UserZoom, etc.
  • Efficient, reliable, and effective usability testing services along with around the clock maintenance and support.
  • A well-equipped lab with diverse mobile and interactive touch devices available for testing websites and mobile apps for various platforms such as Android and iOS.
  • Comprehensive testing in real world environment to record and analyze the real-time behaviour and experience of the users.

Want to make your application stand apart from the usability perspective?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why is usability testing important?  arrow up icon
Usability refers to the ease of use of a software application and its capability to complete the desired tasks effortlessly. Usability is essential for your product’s survival because it measures the quality of UX and provides a qualitative feedback for application improvement.
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