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Usability Testing Services

Identify business website usability issues and validate UI/UX to improve user experience and enhance conversions.

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Deliver the Best Website & App User Experience, Create Lasting Impressions

Present the logical arrangement of features, graphics, and content on your business app or website to improve the user experience. Develop a feature-rich platform keeping a customer-centric approach in mind. Test UI elements, navigational flow, speed, content layout, and the number of usage steps with usability testing services.

Evaluate the product or a service offering with the help of usability experts and reduce the site abandon rate to an optimum extent. Rely on our usability testing services to analyze and make changes to your application and makes it easy to learn, use, and navigate.

At OrangeMantra, we extend dependable usability services that detect any bottlenecks in the application’s usability. The idea is to identify the flaws well before the app’s release, address them on time, and ensure that the end-users get empowering experiences.

Make a Difference with Our Usability Testing Service Offerings

We offer a comprehensive range of usability testing services that assure accuracy, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

1. Remote Usability Testing

Get reliable support of remote software usability testing services across different geographical locations, Avail the experienced assistance developers, testers, and global multiple users. The team goes through each aspect of the application to verify its usability across diverse devices and under different conditions.

2. Website Usability Testing

We perform an in-depth usability test of a website for two(A/B testing) or more than two versions. Our testing team uses multivariate or bucket testing. It is to identify the one that delivers better user experiences with its unique interface and functionalities.

3. Mobile App Usability Testing

Ensure the usability of mobile apps with a complete assessment of parameters such as their user interface, design, security features, and functionalities. It can easily attract users and maintain their interest in the app without any roadblocks.

4. Hallway Testing

Also called guerrilla testing, get your app tested by random users to gain accurate insights on its quality, usability, and functionality. It ensures the identification of the most basic flaws and irregularities that only a regular user can detect.

5. Expert Review

Our seasoned usability testing experts leverage their skills and experience to review and evaluate the applications. The proactive team audits the relevant parameters for understanding its strengths and scope for improvement. Also, make sure to improve your application accessibility.

6. Automated Expert Reviews

Maintain the consistency of your websites and mobile apps. Use automated programs based on the UX designs and heuristic models for getting quick and effective results through an automated review. Get real-time updates to make specific changes and ultimately improve usability factors.

Discuss your software usability testing services with expert professionals.

Benefits of Undergoing Application Usability Testing

Identify the gaps in the app’s functionality and downside user experience with end-to-end usability testing. Being a leading usability testing company, we help you to maintain the product’s efficiency and performance.

1. Identify Hidden Problems

Identify critical software issues that directly impact the user experience. A professional team of usability testing experts evaluates and diminishes UI/UX problems to enrich usage and acceptability.

2. Ensure Product Validation

Validate the product’s user-level experience by implementing the desired flow, arrangement of elements, and overall layout. Ultimately, create an interactive impression on the minds of new and existing users.

3. Get Expert Reviews

Get unbiased and result-oriented real-time feedback and reviews from extended users and usability testing experts. Analyze the required changes and implement the desired altercation to engage more customers.

4. Meet Business Objectives

Rectify if the business website design meets the user’s expectation levels. Make the essential changes in terms of design, functionality, speed, and other elements to generate and convert leads.

Leverage Our Usability Testing Tools

Usability testing tool
Usability testing tool
Usability testing tool
Usability testing tool
Usability testing tool
Usability testing tool
Usability testing tool
Usability testing tool
Usability testing tool
Usability testing tool

How the Usability Testing Process is Conducted

We shape and improve the usage of your application based on end-to-end testing and real-time user feedback. A strategic method is followed to conduct testing and know the ease of using your app.

1. Plan

We prepare a test plan and script to understand the requirements of testing the usability elements of a website or an app.

2. Recruit

Users having the idea of providing real-time feedback are recruited to offer valuable user insights.

3. Perform

The software testing team provides users with all the design elements and particular tasks to perform.

4. Document

We observe the verbal and written document suggestions of users and provide the same to you.

5. Synthesize

All the usability-related problems, gaps, and bottlenecks are identified, prioritized, and distilled to make relevant changes.

6. Recommend

We provide end-to-end recommendations regarding the usability of the product and meet your business expectations.

Why Choose OrangeMantra as Your Usability Testing Partner

1. Versatile Approach
Get extensive solutions that involve the evaluation of usability requirements from a user’s perspective and direct involvement of real and intended users for testing the product.
2. Focussed Testing
Avail the advantage of unique, defined, and productive procedures and approaches which focus on user interface and user experience.
3. Tools Access
Usability tests for websites and mobile apps using the latest testing tools such as CrazyEgg, Optimizely, Usabilla, Keynote, ClickTale, UserZoom, etc.
4. Testing Infrastructure
A well-equipped lab with diverse mobile and interactive touch devices available for testing websites and mobile apps for various platforms such as Android and iOS.

Want to Make your Application Stand Apart from the Usability Perspective?

Frequently Asked Questions

Usability refers to the ease of use of a software application and its capability to complete the desired tasks effortlessly. Usability is essential for your product’s survival because it measures the quality of UX and provides a qualitative feedback for application improvement.
Usability testing is essentially an iterative process, which should be integrated into the testing lifecycle. Ideally, it should be initiated during the wireframe designing process / prototyping phase and continue iteratively till the product maturity. The feedback on the previous phase should be implemented for optimizing the next phase. It should be performed regularly, even after the product launch to ensure consistent improvement.
Usability testing should include the feedback of both users and experts. Users report the specific issues which prevent them from getting the desired outcomes while experts identify more critical issues related to UI and the ones that affect business.
Research studies indicate that 5-8 users are enough for evaluation an application’s usability. Engaging a large number of users may not necessarily provide any new usability issues. But if user voting is needed on a specific, functionality, an evaluation by a larger sample of users is recommended.
Usability testing is a viable investment for a business as it ensures the delivery of top-quality customer-friendly apps and also helps in:
  • Greater customer loyalty
  • Increased sales
  • Improved market position
  • A stronger brand identity
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