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Get accurate and flawless business solutions with our performance testing services

We at OrangeMantra serve your business with performance-driven testing services to present you with business-focused solutions. And ensure to offer quality solutions to drive sales and user retention. We understand your market value depends on the quality of your solutions. And helps you serve the solution that business that fits your business value and helps you level up your business ROI.

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Build flawless business systems with our performance testing services

Reliable and consistent performance of business systems and applications is critical to the success of your enterprise. However, performance issues within them are often identified in real-life scenarios, which can cause poor user experiences and even damage the reputation of the business. 

Performance testing services ensure that an application performs at the highest performance and scalability levels even under peak loads. Measuring and validating the operational capabilities of the entire applications of a business eventually results in the efficient performance of the system as a whole. Our team of expert testers ensures that the applications are reliable and responsive enough to run flawlessly. 

OrangeMantra helps you to predict application performance and behavior in a simulated environment. Even on peak load days and can also scale to future events such as product releases, new clients, business growth, and regulatory changes. Our software performance testing solutions offer wide coverage, with tests for system response time, Memory usage, CPU usage, API speed, and other performance parameters.

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Performance testing services we offer

Performance testing goes much beyond testing just the performance of an application in all kinds of conditions. As, a leading performance testing company we involve a range of parameters and services that cover them all.

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Load testing

We check the behavior of the application or system under a set of anticipated performance testing services which helps in the identification of the number of connections it can handle while delivering a specific response time. Further, we also detect the system bottlenecks and find out the system element that is causing them.

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Scalability testing

Our expert testers measure the capability of an application to scale as additional load is applied to it. We help you find the point where the system stops scaling and also detect the reasons for it. You can use the result of scalability testing to plan for future growth and prevent over-investment in hardware.

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Stress testing

As a part of our performance testing solutions, we assess the maximum operating capacity the application is capable of handling in terms of extreme load. We check whether it can perform adequately if the current load exceeds the expected maximum so that you can be ready for the potential outrages.

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Stability testing

In addition to load, stress, and scalability testing, performance testing encompasses stability testing as well. As the name suggests, it involves checks to ensure that the application is stable over an extended period, including 24/7 operation. 

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Chaos testing 

Our performance testing company helps to evaluate the system for resilience and various chaotic situations. Such as network disruption, failure dependencies, and adware malfunctioning. And this test will help to help your application stay consistent. 

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Software sizing

You get the expertise of the decades in various industries from our experienced engineers. It will help you get to the right-sized software maintenance and performance testing solutions that fit your customized business needs.

Explore our success stories

Hear out the best experiences from our reputed clients and how our performance testing solutions experts helped them. 

Improving eCommerce website performance for enhanced user experience

A leading e-commerce platform and our reputed client sought performance testing services to address slow page load times and frequent downtime issues. The team conducted comprehensive performance tests, analyzing the website's response time under various user loads. By identifying and optimizing critical bottlenecks in the application architecture, the performance testing services significantly improved the website's speed and stability. As a result, the e-commerce platform witnessed a 30% increase in conversion rates and a substantial reduction in bounce rates, leading to enhanced user satisfaction and increased revenue.

Ensuring scalability for a mobile banking application

Our client a prominent financial institution faced challenges with its mobile banking application's performance during peak usage periods. To address this, performance testing services were employed to simulate high user loads and identify potential issues. Through rigorous testing, the team optimized server capacity and improved database performance. The result was a mobile banking application that could seamlessly handle a surge in users during peak hours, ensuring a reliable and responsive experience. Customer complaints related to application slowdowns decreased by 40%, establishing the bank as a trusted and accessible financial service provider.

Enhancing healthcare system efficiency with performance testing

A Healthcare provider and our client faced challenges with their electronic health records (EHR) system, experiencing slow data retrieval times and occasional system crashes. Employing performance testing services, the team simulated diverse user scenarios to identify and address performance bottlenecks. Through code optimizations and infrastructure improvements, the EHR system's efficiency was significantly enhanced. Healthcare professionals experienced faster access to patient records, leading to improved diagnosis and treatment timelines. The performance improvements not only enhanced the overall quality of patient care but also increased the productivity of medical staff.

Streamlining supply chain operations through performance testing

A global logistics company and our client faced challenges with its supply chain management system, leading to delays, errors, and increased operational costs. Performance testing services were enlisted to evaluate the system's responsiveness and scalability. By identifying and resolving performance bottlenecks, the supply chain management system achieved faster order processing times and reduced errors. As a result, the company experienced a 25% reduction in operational costs, improved on-time delivery rates, and increased customer satisfaction. The case highlights how performance testing can be a strategic tool in optimizing complex business processes.

These case studies showcase the diverse applications of performance testing services in different industries, demonstrating the tangible benefits of optimizing software and system performance.

Modern performance testing integrations we implement for your solutions

Do businesses usually face performance issues with a lack of expertise to test their solutions? The modern tech stack has the capabilities to support your business with performance testing services to help you serve quality-driven solutions.

Smart automation   

Intelligent automation enables businesses to obtain software performance testing services for solutions. As a result, faster automation is required to analyze current trends. We are the top provider of software testing services and can assist you in implementing intelligent automation in your sales processes. 


Using in-trend smart technologies such as AI or other algorithms to provide user-focused support in performance testing services. Plus, you get the streamlined multichannel flow that can help boost your company's social image. The AI-integrated technology streamlines the testing procedures with customized solutions. It also reduces the amount of time spent examining market trends.


Data analytics systems collect and display previous data while also forecasting future outcomes. Automated testing is an important topic of debate during the strategy development process. High-performing businesses use analytics to identify and implement market trends. Our performance testing organization assists with budget alignment as well as the detection and prevention of problems. Furthermore, it promotes trend-driven decision-making processes. 


Integrate RPA to automate testing services and reach a wider audience. The RPA approach automates manual tasks such as contacting lead prospects and creating bids. You may immediately use RPA to streamline processes and strategically harmonize varied data. It is the most effective technique to decrease development cycles while increasing possible consumer involvement in your store. 


Aside from several promising technologies, CRM is the most prominent tool for assisting software testing services. CRM tools can help your firm generate and nurture potential leads. It also underlines the significance of considering user desires while designing meaningful interactions. Loop reporting can be used successfully to gain detailed information. 


Predictive analysis is the primary focus for scaling up solutions appropriately. And ML-powered technologies can readily help automate such a difficult operation. So, organizations who wish to deliver user-centric solutions have an impact on demand projections. Machine learning technologies enable businesses to discover trends, forecast behaviors, and automate decision-making. 

Potential tech stack we implement in performance testing solutions

At OrangeMantra, we have experts equipped with the latest tools and technologies for flawless business solutions.

  • Testing tools

  • Selenium WebDriver Apache JMeter
  • Appium NeoLoad
  • Jenkins Load Runner
  • html/css Gatling
  • Jasmine Jasmine
  • Framework

  • Sauce Labs Studio Appium
  • Power BI Selenium
  • Power BI XCTest
  • Power BI Test Studio
  • Power BI Espresso
  • API Testing Tools

  • Python Rest Assured
  • postman Postman
  • .net framework Apache JMeter
  • .net framework Soap UI
  • .net framework RestSharp
  • Databases  

  • TestRail MySQL  
  • JIRA Oracle  
  • Splunk Cassandra  
  • Splunk PostgreSQL  
  • Splunk Azure SQL database  

Industries we cater to

Our dedicated performance testing services professionals have wide experience across the verticals to support exclusive and customized business needs with their hands-on experience.

How does performance testing help to boost your business's success?

Performance testing services help businesses to offer a streamlined user experience. And our performance testing company helps to serve the absolute best-in-class solutions.

  • discovery

    Enhanced experience

    Performance testing ensures that applications perform optimally for faster response times and smoother user interactions. 

  •  Process Design

    Increased satisfaction

    Invest in performance testing you can deliver reliable and responsive applications and positive brand perception.

  • development

    Higher conversions 

    Improved application performance often results in faster loading times for websites and applications that respond quickly and efficiently.

  • deployment

    Improved scalability

    Performance testing companies can help you create scalable solutions and enhance the integrity of your business applications.

  • Maintenance & Support

    Competitive advantage

    Businesses that prioritize performance testing can gain a competitive edge by offering faster, more reliable, and scalable solutions.

  • Maintenance & Support

    Increased security

    Performance testing solutions can also include testing for security and data integrity under various conditions.

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Why choose OrangeMantra for performance testing services?

We serve the business verticals with our wide expertise to help with the best performance for your business solutions.

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Frequently Asked Question

  • Identify the testing environment and tools.
  • Define the acceptable performance requirements.
  • Prepare and design tests.
  • Prepare the test environment and tools.
  • Perform the performance tests.
  • Resolve and retest.

Apache JMeter is a very popular performance-testing tool in the software testing industry. JMeter, a Java-based open-source and free performance testing application, allows testers to evaluate system performance and simulate heavy loads.

Performance testing can be performed both manually and automatically. Because this test requires verification during peak load and with the greatest number of users possible, automated methods of execution are suggested.

Performance testing helps determine if a developed system meets speed, responsiveness and stability requirements while under workloads to help ensure more positive UX. Performance tests should be conducted once functional testing is completed.

Performance testing helps identify and eliminate performance-related issues early in the development cycle, which reduces the time and cost of fixing them later. This allows developers to focus on other critical tasks, increasing productivity.

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