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Performance Testing Services

We extend reliable performance testing services to predict system behavior under normal and anticipated peak load conditions.

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Flawless Systems that Perform Seamlessly Under Peak Loads are Business-Critical

Reliable and consistent performance of business systems and applications is critical to the success of your enterprise. However, performance issues within them are often identified in real-life scenarios, which can cause poor user experiences and even damage the reputation of the business. Performance testing ensures that an application performs at the highest performance and scalability levels even under peak loads. Measuring and validating their operational capabilities of the entire applications of a business eventually results in an efficient performance of the system as a whole.

OrangeMantra helps you to predict application performance and behavior in a simulated environment. Our team of expert testers ensure that the applications are reliable and responsive enough to run flawlessly even on peak load days and can also scale to future events such as product releases, new clients, business growth, and regulatory changes. These tests offer a wide coverage, with tests for system response time, Memory usage, CPU usage, API speed, and other performance parameters.

Performance Testing Services We Offer

Performance testing goes much beyond testing just the performance of an application in all kinds of conditions. It involves validation of a range of parameters and we extend services that cover them all.

1. Load Testing

We check the behavior of the application or system under a set of anticipated load variations which helps in the identification of the number of connections it can handle while delivering a specific response time. Further, we also detect the system bottlenecks and find out the system element which is causing them.

2. Scalability Testing

Our expert testers measure the capability of an application to scale as additional load is applied to it. We help you find the point where the system stops scaling and also detect the reasons for it. You can use the result of scalability testing can to plan for the future growth and prevent over-investment in hardware.

3. Stress Testing

As a part of our performance testing service, we assess the maximum operating capacity the application is capable of handling in terms of extreme load. We check whether it can perform adequately if the current load exceeds the expected maximum so that you can be ready for the potential outrages.

4. Stability Testing

In addition to load, stress, and scalability testing, performance testing encompasses stability testing as well. As the name suggests, it involves checks to ensure whether the application is stable over an extended span of time, including 24/7 operation. This helps in the evaluation of downtime risk and planning maintenance activities.

Performance Measurement KPIs We Consider

Response Time

Response time is the amount of time taken by the application to respond to a request. It is calculated as the time period between the user requesting a response and a complete reply reaching the user’s workstation.


Availability refers to the amount of time when an application is available to the user. This metric matters to businesses because even a small outage for a key application can cause a substantial business cost.


Utilization measures the network bandwidth which is consumed by the traffic that comes to an application traffic. Alternatively, it can also refer to the amount of memory it uses on a web server.


When it comes to the measurement of throughput of an application, it counts the number of hits that a web page gets within a specified period of time.

Performance Testing Test We Follow

At OrangeMantra, we follow a tried and tested process to check the performance of web applications and ensure that even the slightest issues are detected at the earliest.

  • Gathering of the requirements that are unique to the client and application
  • In-depth examination and identification of the test cases for performance testing
  • Understanding a variety of load scenarios, followed by the setup of performance test structure
  • Test scripts for performance testing at both, UI and API levels
  • Implementation of the performance tests
  • Detailed analysis of test results and recommendations for overall improvement
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Our Expertise

Why Choose OrangeMantra for Performance Testing

  • Speed and Accuracy:
    Component-level performance testing which enables speedy and accurate identification of potential issues during the development phase itself
  • Quicker Initiation of Scalability Plans:
    Visionary testing services that offer insight into the future needs and help businesses to initiate scalability plans well in time
  • Cost Savings:
    Cost optimization for the clients with early identification of load and performance issues even before they impact the business
  • Reliable Documentation:
    Easy to understand and detailed documentation of the test results to assist the stakeholders for understanding the real application behavior
  • Competitive Pricing:
    A better return on investment assured for the clients with high quality testing services being available at competitive price
  • Extensive Resource Pool:
    A team of seasoned QA specialists and testers with expertise in proprietary, open source, and third-party tools
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Performance testing is done for determine whether an application meets the speed, stability, and scalability requirements under the expected workloads. It includes various aspects such as load testing, stress testing, volume testing, capacity testing, endurance testing, and spike testing.

There are different metrics that are used for performance testing. Response metrics indicate the measurement of an application’s performance from a user’s perspective. Volume metrics, on the other hand, show the traffic generated by load testing tool.
Performance testing can serve diverse purposes. It can validate whether the system meets the performance criteria. Further, it can compare two systems to identify the one that performs better. It can even measure the parts of the system that are affected by excess workload.
Performance Testing Life Cycle, as the name suggests, refers to a systematic process for carrying out the non-functional testing of an application. A majority of software developers follow this process to plan their performance testing activities and identify the performance bottlenecks in their software system.
Typically, performance testing for an application involves seven steps:
  • Identification of the testing environment
  • Identification of the performance metrics
  • Planning and design of performance tests
  • Configuration of the test environment
  • Implementation of test design
  • Execution of tests
  • Analysis, reporting, and retesting
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