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Cloud Infrastructure for Magneti Marelli’s Connected Vehicle Technology

The Story

Magneti Marelli is an internationally acclaimed Italian-based manufacturer of automotive equipment. It’s one of the world’s leading and independent manufacturers and suppliers to the automotive sector. The automotive equipment giant already had tech-driven connected vehicle parts under its arsenal. In addition, they were exploring ways to integrate safe driving solutions with Cloud infrastructure. The company wanted us to enable cutting-edge cloud technology in their new connected vehicles.

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Magneti Marelli faced the biggest challenge in areas like maximizing safe-driving experiences, providing secure onboarding, and a multi-level approach to combining cloud with their existing 4G and 5G Telematics Boxes. The company also wanted to ensure the desired efficiency of next-gen capabilities like predictive maintenance. Further, the client also wanted to implement ways for quick and real-time vehicle data collection and analysis.


We integrated the qualities of cloud technology with the client’s connected vehicle solutions within the defined timeline. It enabled the automotive equipment maker to efficiently collect data, enhance vehicle safety, and fix issues remotely. In addition, the system has capabilities like predicting damages, analyzing traffic, and ensuring predictive maintenance checks to reduce cost and avoid movement. On top of all these, our strategic approach helped safeguard customer data and protect vehicles from cyberattacks.

We also covered a diverse set of features including Vehicle-to-Vehicle information sharing such as traffic movements, congestion, road conditions, speed limit, etc. Geo-Fencing technology to create geographical boundaries on the map and send alerts to car owners.

App-to-car connectivity solution to manage remote operations like locking/unlocking, engine start/stop, climate control, vehicle’s position, and more. Security integration feature to share real-time location, emergency SOS calls and messages, sharing/tracking, alerts in case of nearby accidents, roadside assistance, etc.


OrangeMantra’s client-centric and strategic tech-driven initiatives assisted the client with an improved collaboration of Connected Vehicles to share vital information on road conditions, traffic, congestion zone, accidents, etc. With our efforts, the brand experienced an enhanced driving experience with superior vehicle safety. Our solution enabled, reduced cases of breakdown, maintenance charges, and decreased repair costs. Real-time alerts to ensure safety, seamless movement, tracking, and avoiding theft. Improved vehicle maintenance due to prompt alerts and capabilities like predictive maintenance.