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Choose Angular JS 2 for Your Application Development


Google’s Angular JS, the JavaScript-based open-source front-end web application framework is popularly used by the mobile app developers to develop desktop web applications and mobile apps. It is a highly scalable open source web app framework which could be used to create data-driven web applications and mobile applications.

The Angular JS is readily opted by the developers, as it facilitates them to use HTML as the template language, extend its syntax and thus simplifying the web app development. It is developed easily without the integration of any other plugins or the use of other frameworks. Further, the Angular JS enhances the testing and performance process.

Moreover, the new Angular version 2 is quite promising for the app development, especially the Enterprise app development. Some of the best features include dynamic loading, simpler routing, asynchronous template compilation, two-way data binding, reactive programming support, and, etc. Further, it facilitates the developers to name the dependencies, replace the controllers with the directives and the components.

Some of the advantages in building the app with Angular JS are as follows:

angular Js

  • The code testing is enhanced due to decoupling DOM manipulation from the app logic.
  • As the client side could be decoupled from the server-side, the development process proceeds in parallel.
  • The coding of the JavaScript is totally reduced and much easier than before.
  • There is no need for DOM manipulation programmatically.
  • The development of the features is quick due to auto-inject services.
  • The developers have the full control over the initialization process.
  • And, mention not to say, the developers are able to re-use the codes or the components of the codes. With every tweak done in the Angular JS 2, it has offered the app developers an easy and effective method of developing the mobile apps and the web applications. It is indeed a win-win situation for the developers and the global customers as it helps them to increase their ROI in an efficient manner.

    Owing to the modifications and improvements in the Angular JS 2 version, several companies are adopting it for their web application and mobile application services. Orange Mantra, a well-renowned IT company providing web services and mobile application development excel in providing Angular JS development services across the globe for the fortune 500 companies and the start-ups as well. If you are interested in developing your mobile apps with Angular JS or have any related queries, you may get in touch with the mobile app developers by visiting the site at www.orangemantra.com.