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Corporate Training Programs

Corporate Training Programs at Orange Mantra

Every organization seeks to grow continuously by increasing their productivity. The human resources play a key role in the upliftment of any organization. The organization ought to ensure the growth of every employee, which in turn ensures the growth of the entire company. The training for the employees is an investment worth for the future success of the business or the company. There is a need for personalized training to enhance the skills of the employees which is often overlooked by the employees.

The training of the employees at the workplace equips them with the new tools, methods, materials, problem-solving techniques, and broadens their horizon. These trainings are specific to the company and are trained by the trusted experts.

We, at Orange Mantra provide corporate training programmes which helps the potential employees and the team to adopt new paradigms in order to ignite the workplace enthusiasm. The training schedule at our firm usually extends for a period of three to five days.

Some of the training areas we envelope are briefed below.

PHP Training
PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is an open source scripting language specifically used for web development. We have designed and customized the workshop program in an intelligent way which provides the candidates an opportunity to design, create and script their ideas. It is indeed a practical approach for the acquired knowledge with illustrations.

iPhone/iOS Application Training
We focus on practical implementation of the technique in such a way that the participants would be able to build and maintain a new application. Mention not to say, the application developed would be of standard value that could be offered to the App store.

We provide a complete two days hands-on practical workshop with live demos, interactive sessions, personal one-on-one attention.
Android Application Training
We help the participants develop the applications in the latest operating system like a professional. The attendees will be given instructions at every stage of the development and guided to manage the applications. The speciality of the workshop is you may sell out the applications developed by you and even earn money.

MySQL Training
The training is especially meant for the corporates and the industrialists aware of RDBMS and the computer programming language. The participants will be introduced to the basic use of the language, practical use of Joins, function and advance MySQL.

UI/UX Designing
A user’s design is a perfect blend of technology and aesthetics. Our five days of sessions make you experience this inseparable connectivity. It gives you a new outlook and an in-depth design strategy which when applied practically make you take a proactive design choice from users’ context. It helps you combine the UX design with the user behaviour and thus improve the user experience.

Moreover, we provide the certificate of completion for the participants and assist through e-mail even after the workshop. For further details, visit

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