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  • clutch award

    Clutch Recognition: OrangeMantra Recognized Among Top 100 Sustained Growth Companies for 2022

    News Flash: Clutch recognizes OrangeMantra as a top 100 service provider for sustained & fast growth for 2022.  Orangemantra,… Read More
  • top IT firm clutch award

    Clutch Names OrangeMantra Among India’s Leading App Developers For 2022

    News Flash: Clutch Recognizes OrangeMantra as a Top Mobile App Development Company in India 2022 Smartphone users worldwide… Read More
  • Log4j Vulnerabilities, A Serious Computer Security Breach, Explained 

    Log4j Vulnerabilities influences a staggering number of PCs, including an obscure, however, almost omnipresent piece… Read More
  • 5 Tech-Driven Trends For CEOs and Business Owners

    5 Trends for CEOs and Business Owners Looking for Future-Readiness

    2020 and 2021 were defined by the pandemic in so many ways. COVID-19 may have turned our lives, but it could not stop businesses… Read More
  • skilled workforce

    How Upskilled Workforce is Empowering Businesses to Grow Ambitiously 

    No one could have ever imagined a crisis like the Covid-19 pandemic. On a whim, it forced many companies to change the way… Read More
  • Hybrid operating mode

    Hybrid Operating Mode-A New Norm for Businesses in 2021

    The pandemic has prompted the adoption of the remote working model across a wide scale of organizations. The unexpected… Read More
  • AI-powered smart gadget

    AI Is Paving a Fascinating Future for Smart Gadgets

    Artificial intelligence is likely to emerge as the most transformative technological force of this decade—or maybe this… Read More
  • healthcare IT solutions

    How AI Is Enhancing Digital Healthcare Amid New Normal

    Enterprise technology is increasingly leaning toward artificial intelligence and related digital capabilities. Amid… Read More
  • Telematics-Powered Smart Tires Hit the Road

    Telematics – Powered Smart Tires Hit the Road

    Goodyear and Bridgestone are rolling out tires with intelligent features that can predict flats. Using AI algorithms… Read More
  • Google Workspace Apps

    Google Workspace Apps Are Officially Free for Everyone Now

    Google announced that the company is making Workspace apps available for everyone. If you have a Google account—which… Read More
  • WatchOS 8 at WWDC

    Apple Previews iOS 15, macOS Monterey, & WatchOS 8 at WWDC 2021 

    Apple made a flurry of announcements for different devices at the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference 2021.… Read More
  • enterprise cloud solutions

    Microsoft to Release New Windows Version on June 24

    Microsoft announced that it will unveil “the next generation of Windows” on June 24, CNBC reported. It comes a week after… Read More
  • iOS 15

    Google Cloud Launches New Analytics Tools for Enterprises

    Data analytics drive the most successful businesses today. With the world going on a digital overdrive during the pandemic,… Read More
  • Google Partners with Shopify

    Google Partners with Shopify to Enhance eCommerce Operations

    Google and Shopify have joined forces to launch a simplified process for selling goods online. Both companies said the… Read More
  • 3-D Printing Demands Surge Amid a Digital Manufacturing Buzz

    As the buzz around digital manufacturing swept industries, 3-D manufacturing companies saw a much-desired boost in 2020.… Read More
  • CIOs’ Job

    What CIOs’ Job Looks Like During the Pandemic

    Conventionally, chief information officers’ job has been to oversee the IT and computer systems in the organization.… Read More
  • Top Automotive Software Engineering Trends to Watch Out in 2021

    Top Automotive Software Engineering Trends to Watch Out in 2021

    COVID-19 has perhaps been the most devastating blow the automotive industry has seen ever. With streets emptying and factories… Read More
  • Verizon Sells Early Internet Pioneers Yahoo and AOL for $5 Billion

    Verizon Sells Early Internet Pioneers Yahoo and AOL for $5 Billion

    Verizon sold Yahoo and AOL to the private equity firm Apollo Global Management in a deal valued at $5 billion, The New York… Read More
  • Predictive Analytics

    How Predictive Analytics Makes Businesses Disruption-Proof and Profitable

    2020 brought to the fore the irreplaceable role of technology in business resilience—among a gazillion other things.… Read More
  • Yahoo Answers

    Yahoo Answers Is Shutting Down Forever Amid Lost Popularity

    Yahoo Answers dominated the world of online question-answer platforms. Its position on the internet as a pioneer in web… Read More
  • announced that more than 300 different apps now use the AI text-generator.

    Meet the AI That Can Generate Text- and It’s Open-Source

    Artificial intelligence is getting more public attention than ever before- for good reasons, mostly. With machine learning… Read More
  • IoT is Transforming Clothing and Healthcare Industries

    How IoT Is Transforming Clothing and Healthcare Industries

    Everything related to digital connectivity evolved dramatically in 2020. The Internet of Things (IoT) is no exception.… Read More
  • How a Shift from Remote Work to Hybrid Work Is Redefining Offices

    How a Shift from Remote Work to Hybrid Work Is Redefining Offices

    Companies around the world are now gradually getting back to the office. With vaccinations rolling out, most countries… Read More
  • Amazon vs Shopify

    Amazon vs Shopify- How Shopify Is Powering Small Business eCommerce

    Amazon’s near-monopoly in eCommerce has troubled small businesses for years. With the coronavirus forcing countless… Read More
  • Google Bans Third-Party Cookies to Bolster Web Privacy

    Google Bans Third-Party Cookies to Bolster Web Privacy

    Google will no longer use third-party cookies, the tech behemoth recently announced. This move will have a significant… Read More
  • Microsoft Launches Mesh – Virtual Meetings, Mixed Reality, Holoportation And More

    What happens when you mix Zoom with Facebook and add some VR to it? Something exciting and futuristic, right? Well, that’s… Read More
  • Google And Facebook Are Fighting

    Why Google And Facebook Are Fighting with Media Companies

    Facebook reached a deal with the Australian government to restore news. The decision comes after the social media giant… Read More
  • 5G

    5G is Coming – Is Your Business Ready for the Next-Gen Wireless Technology?

    Everybody is boasting about the superfast 5G. From smartphone makers like Apple to telecom providers like Airtel, the… Read More
  • How IT Staff Augmentation Enables Business Agility

    How IT Staff Augmentation Enables Business Agility

    Like so many things, the pandemic changed the way organizations operate and manage their workforce. With the vaccine rollout… Read More
  • Jeff Bezos to Step Down as Amazon Chief Executive

    Jeff Bezos to Step Down as Amazon Chief Executive

    Amazon founder Jeff Bezos recently announced that he would be stepping down as the eCommerce behemoth’s CEO later this… Read More
  • ecommerce solutions

    OrangeMantra Helps SKF Launch Its First B2B Online Store in India

    SKF India, a multinational automotive and industrial equipment maker, recently launched its first online store for Indian… Read More
  • Digital Transformation

    Microsoft Reports Record Growth of Cloud and Digital Solutions Business

    Microsoft has posted record quarterly sales driven by pandemic-induced demands for cloud solutions and videogames,… Read More
  • data analytics solutions

    CES 2021-Smart Face Masks, Next-Gen Wearables & Other Futuristic Tech Promises

    The Consumer Electronics Show 2021 took place on Jan. 11 -14. Like this years’ all-digital format of the tech show,… Read More
  • ecommerce development

    OrangeMantra Adobe, Shopify & Drupal Partnerships Promise Next-Gen Solutions

    The business environment has become much fierce and competitive, especially after the arrival of an uncertain pandemic.… Read More
  • digital transformation solutions

    Top CIOs and CTOs Plan Big for Tech Investment in 2021

    Even amid the coronavirus-induced economic slowdown, companies worldwide increased their tech investment. Corporate… Read More
  • enterprise software solutions

    What Caused a Global Outage of Google Search, Gmail, & Other Services

    Towards the darkening end of a dark year, some of the world’s most widely used tech platforms faced darkness — for… Read More
  • food delivery app

    Food Delivery App DoorDash & Home-Rental Platform Airbnb Go Public

    It’s been an encouraging week for the tech start-up world. Two of its stars, DoorDash and Airbnb, are becoming publicly… Read More
  • restaurant food delivery app 

    How Online Food Delivery Apps Are Helping Restaurants to Stay Afloat Amid the Crisis

    The hospitality industry in India is exploring innovative ways to cope with the pandemic-driven business stagnation.… Read More
  • Live E-Commerce Platform

    Nasscom Selects Orange Mantra’s Live E-Commerce Platform as Part of the New Normal Showcase

    Nasscom Product Showcase – Rewrite the Workbook in New Normal Date: 24th June | Time: 11:30 AM to 01:00 PM Organizations… Read More
  • Digital Transformation Services

    Digital Transformation in the Times of Pandemic & Global Shutdowns 

    The world continues to reel under COVID19. As economies plan to reopen, public health remains the biggest concern globally.… Read More
  • flight booking apps

    How the Travel Industry Will Change After the Coronavirus Pandemic 

    Travel will never be the same after the pandemic is over. Countries around the world are now planning to lift travel restrictions… Read More
  • chatbot development

    How Chatbots Help W.H.O. & Government Agencies to Fight COVID-19

    The World Health Organization (WHO) recently launched a chatbot to combat COVID-19 in collaboration with Facebook. The… Read More
  • business continuity management

    How to Protect Your Business from the Coronavirus Lockdown & Other Disasters

    Most of the world’s major cities are under lockdown due to the coronavirus diseases (COVID-19) outbreak as of this writing.… Read More
  • OrangeMantra Recognized as a Top IT Service Provider in 2020 by Clutch

    OrangeMantra Recognized as a Top IT Service Provider in 2020 by Clutch

    OrangeMantra, a leading provider of IT service and digital transformation solutions, has emerged as a top player in the… Read More
  • The wait is finally going to end as IKEA will be launching its first brand store in India on the 9th of August

    IKEA, the Swedish home-decor brand that embraces the concept of making homes beautiful and comfortable, is all set to break… Read More
  • OrangeMantra celebrates the journey of India’s largest fashion house

    OrangeMantra is proud to be associated with the brand that has redefined the Indian fashion industry. As the e-commerce… Read More
  • OrangeMantra Named Amongst Top B2B Agencies in India 2018 By Clutch

    At OrangeMantra, we are pleased to share yet another achievement and an important milestone in our journey of 17+ years… Read More
  • hgpmart

    Another milestone for OrangeMantra as it creates Hero MotoCorp’s first spare parts ecommerce portal

    The recent launch of is a big event for Hero MotoCorp customers as the newly-introduced online store enables… Read More
  • googletravel_posts_static_delayprediction

    Thanks to AI, Google Will Predict Flight Delays Before Airlines Do!

    What could be more frustrating than making it to the airport in time, just to know that your flight is running 8 hours behind… Read More
  • flora india

    Floraindia All Set To Take Online Flower Delivery A Notch Higher

    Floraindia is a pioneering flower delivery brand that has been delivering flowers, cakes, and smiles since 2004. Over… Read More
  • GST-Compliance

    Technology Solutions Would Solve The Quest For GST-Compliance

    July 1st, 2017 marked the beginning of a new era for the Indian economy as the GST bill was launched. With the biggest tax reform… Read More
  • Android-O-Developer

    Android O : Latest Version is All Set to Entice the Developers and Users

    Image Source: Google released the new developer version of the next Android OS, ‘Android… Read More
  • CIO Red carpet

    The Fair Play Model of Winning the CIO Choice Awards

    It is celebration time at Orange Mantra as we have been awarded with the prestigious CIO CHOICE 2017 Honor and Recognition… Read More
  • CIO choice award

    Orange Mantra Walks through the CIO Red Carpet Night, 2017

    The fervor and celebration air of New Year continues at Orange Mantra as We have been awarded with the CIO CHOICE 2017 Honor… Read More
  • CIO

    Orange Mantra is Eager to Capture the Red Carpet Night at The Lalit, Mumbai

    CORE Media, the owners of CIO CHOICE brand is all set to celebrate its 5th year in business at Red Carpet Night, The Lalit,… Read More
  • Corporate Training Programs

    Corporate Training Programs at Orange Mantra

    Every organization seeks to grow continuously by increasing their productivity. The human resources play a key role in… Read More
  • BN-om

    Microsoft Is All Set to Acquire LinkedIn for $26.2 Billion

    Microsoft had invested billions of dollars in Facebook and Yammer as their key process to enhance the social networking… Read More
  • Adobe Flash Renamed As Animate CC

    The adobe authentically launched its Animate CC on 8th February, 2016. It is the most recent form of its animation tool for… Read More
  • Merry Christmas

    A Merry Christmas and New Year Message From Orange Mantra

    It is a great pleasure at this holiday time to say ‘Thank you’ as the jingle bells ring for a merry Christmas… Read More
  • Flipkart Launches Its Mobile Website ‘Flipkart Lite’ In Collaboration With Google

    After the popular eCommerce website, Myntra, went app only, Flipkart also decided to dump its desktop website and move… Read More
  • Corporate Identity For A Business

    The Essence Of Having The Corporate Identity For A Business

    The power of visual communication stays longer and makes an impact for any individual as compared to his other senses. The… Read More
  • Orange Mantra Shows Its Supports To Digital India Programme

    Orange Mantra Shows Its Support To Digital India Programme

    Following Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, who updated their Facebook profile… Read More
  • Transforming happiness into efficiency

    Transforming Happiness into Efficiency

    In today’ s life and busy schedule we all log for one very essential thing which is missing; and it is Happiness. Happiness… Read More
  • orange mantra office

    Orange Mantra Introduces Its Incubation Cell, Giving Entrepreneurs The Opportunity To Escalate Their Business

    Orange Mantra (OM) introduces its incubation cell, aimed at identifying, fostering, and endorsing the entrepreneurs… Read More
  • Achieve the Global Business Heights with Orange Mantra

    Searching for a website designer and developer in your locality might not help you get your business website developer;… Read More
  • Holi


    orange mantra celebrated Holi with ceremonial elegance and splendor. All the robust busy bees exited from their confined… Read More
  • web designing company gurgaon

    Web Designing Experience at Orange Mantra

    Orange Mantra believes in being distinctive, creative, responsive and interactive When it’ s about design websites,… Read More
  • Issac Muthui’s visit and Diwali Celebartion

    Issac Muthui, CEO of Churchblaze visited Orange Mantra, Gurgaon and spent more than a week’s time with the team.… Read More
  • Lets grow together… We are expanding and looking for you.

    Hiring Magento, Zend Developers, Websites Designers and Business Development Manager Date: 23rd August 2014 Timing:… Read More
  • Orange Mantra & Websites’ Responsive: Talk of the town

    We help you stand tall over your competition. A world where life runs on mobile 24*7; be it PC, tablet, notebook, smartphone,… Read More
  • Showcasing Magento via Orange Mantra, India

    Nowadays our life centers on E-COMMERCE. All the e-shops have the made the online shopping lot easier. In today’… Read More
  • wordpress developer

    WOW Audience with Unstoppable Word Press Projects!!

    Word Press has become the most famous web publishing system across the world. The credit goes to its user friendliness and… Read More
  • Wordpress developer india

    Orange Mantra continues its success in WordPress

    Orange Mantra has many feathers to its credit in Apparel Section and adding on to the successful ladder is www.countrybabes… Read More
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