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Digital Transformation Is Truly Transforming The Hospitality Industry

Digital Transformation Is Truly Transforming The Hospitality Industry

As the world becomes a smaller place, the hospitality industry is going through a period of booming growth. More people are traveling for business and leisure, which translates into an ever-growing demand for travel services and rental accommodation. However, the growing demand is not the only reason for the success of numerous service providers in this domain. Over the years, the hospitality industry has realized the value of delivering memorable experiences to the travellers. This progressive mindset has been the driving force behind the digital transformation adopted by the key players in the industry.

Going digital involves phenomenal changes and huge investments too, as mobility solutions are an integral element of the digital shift. The investment, however, is fully justified because of the immense benefits it brings. From service providers to customers, no one is left untouched by the magic of digital transformation. Better service quality, improved operational efficiency, enhanced customer engagement, and reduced costs are the benefits that service providers come across. On the other hand, the waiting time is reduced and communication is streamlined to weave better experiences for the customers. Seeing the bigger picture, there are more than one ways that digitization exerts a positive influence over the growth of the entire segment.

Digital solutions serve ultra-modern guest experiences
Innovation opens the hospitality industry to new opportunities as it helps them to deliver unique guest experiences. The service providers are adopting technologies such as Predictive Analysis to modernize their legacy systems and make them more guest-centric. They are now able to offer personalized services based on the insights they acquire from Big Data and Analysis. Not only do they improve their services manifold, but are also able to enhance their processes and lower their operational costs.

AR and VR take the industry to the next level
Augmented reality and virtual reality are increasingly being used to create rich, multimedia content for the travel segment. Such content generates interest in destinations, their history, local culture, accommodation options, and more. It can be integrated with social channels too, enabling travel buffs exchange information and share experiences. Similarly, hotels can use AR and VR to make an impressive presentation of their services online through websites and mobile applications. Brands use these technologies to forge stronger relations with their existing clients as well as bring in new clients.

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Integration of IoT and wearables enhance operations
The use of smart connected devices and embedded intelligence systems have marked the grand entry of the Internet into the hospitality industry. Smart sensors and wearable devices are becoming a part of the daily operations of several runners in the segment, with uses such as keyless room entry and mobile check-in. The IoT apps can be used by the guests to run automated devices such as electrical lights and air-conditioning from remote locations.

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Artificial Intelligence is taking the service quality a notch higher
Another way in which digital transformation is revolutionizing the hospitality industry is with the technology of Artificial Intelligence. Hoteliers and travel services are empowering their online presence with AI-powered chatbots to enhance client servicing manifold and make the customer journey a smooth one. Similarly, robots might replace receptionists and concierges in the coming years, thanks to the powerful technology of AI.

By embracing digitization, business owners in the hospitality segment get a chance to take up a data-driven approach to enhance their existing services and follow a customer centric approach. No matter the journey seems tough, but the prospects it brings are inviting. Seeing the extensive benefits, more and more runners in the industry are keen to take it up. At Orange Mantra, we bring innovative digital solutions that combine the latest technologies to take the hospitality industries to the next level. We are capable of creating robust web and mobile applications that add value to your business. Our team specializes in latest technologies such as the IoT, AI, AR, VR, and more. Explore our services and capabilities and make a smooth and seamless digital transformation.