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The Benefits of VR and AR Apps for the Business

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The last few years have seen the emergence of disruptive technologies that have totally transformed the business scenario in more than one ways. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are two of the most hyped technologies that have earned huge popularity. Though these sound quite similar, they are distinctive and are leveraged by businesses in different ways.. The AR and VR technologies provide a competitive edge for businesses, with plenty of marketing solutions and mobile applications development using them anticipated in the near future. Let us learn more about these technologies and the benefits they bring to businesses.

Virtual Reality: Transforming Imagination Into Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is the environment created with software in a simulation with the reality and presented to the user in a way that the user believes and accepts it. The simplest form is represented as a 3D image. It entirely replaces the real world as the user becomes a part of the virtual environment and is able to manipulate objects therein. There are various ways in which this innovative technology is being used by businesses:

Virtual showrooms: Manufacturers can use this technology to showcase their products in virtual showrooms. Not only does it help them deliver life-like user experiences but also saves space. E-commerce apps provide virtual try room experiences to enable shoppers to try on the garments or see how a piece of furniture would look in their room.

3D vision: VR-based apps drive customer engagement as they are capable of delivering immersive experiences with a 3D vision of the products. With this, businesses can improve customer satisfaction and customer loyalty and thus increase their conversions and profit.

Interactive marketing and branding: VR enables the companies to promote their products with an amazing blend of photography and technology that leads to interactivity. Moreover, these apps make them stand apart and earn a winning edge for their brand, thus making them visible amongst the competitors.

Augmented Reality: Merging Physical With Virtual

Augmented reality, on the other hand, is the integration of digital information with the real environment. In other words, it is the blend between the physical and the virtual worlds, with the real-world elements being augmented by computer-generated perceptual information to render immersive experiences. The information may be in the form of sound, video, graphics, or GPS data. Here are the benefits that AR brings to businesses:

Transparency: With AR-based applications, the entrepreneurs can present their products and services in an enhanced way by delivering an impactful visual experience to the clients.

Data delivery: AR facilitates the companies to show the relevant data of their products in a real-time to the people. The voluminous, context-based data can be presented in the form of engaging content.

Training: AR apps and devices serve as an effective simulative-training tool for the employees. It ensures high-tech training which eventually increases their productivity and enhances their efficiency as well.

Though VR and AR are used in play and work, the research and development towards business are still in its nascent stage. However, both technologies play a significant role in transforming IoT (Internet of Things) to IoE (Internet of Everything). Considering the merits of hese technologies from the business perspective, it compels the companies to adopt them in the coming time.

There is a need to join hands with a reliable technology partner to ensure that the business is able to leverage them in the right way. At OrangeMantra, we cater advanced AR and VR applications to help businesses in availing the best benefits these bring. We specialise in innovative technologies and enable digital transformation for our clients.

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