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Experience Commerce is The Way to Gain Customers for Your Online Business

Gone are the days where the companies used to prepare thousands of leaflets, put banners on the roadside for marketing their products and services. The customer expects businesses to read their minds and offer exactly what they need. In accordance, the organisations which are moving digital today are poured with several options, provision to combine with the multiple channels and interact with the customers. A simple collation of the customer data will help to build his profile and predict their desires regarding the purchase. Obviously, from the day zero, ‘customer is the king’ approach rules the businesses.

The organisations must be able to understand their customers’ habit and preferences. For instance, a customer might visit the website for more than ten times, visit the physical store for one time yet may go with no purchase record in a month. If the business turns towards understanding this kind of behaviour, it may land up into interactions for transactions. Coupling of the consumers’ digital and physical experiences facilitate the business to create a personalized environment in favor of the buyer to make a purchase.

The businesses today can harness the disruptive technologies such as the smartphones, touch technology, predictive analysis, geo-tagging, social retailing, biometrics, and so forth to make the customer engage with their business. Developing the ability to respond with the customer behavior, engaging with them on their terms leads to customer loyalty and brings in more Return on Investment (ROI).

This phenomenon of ‘experience commerce’ evoke an emotional connection with the customers. A few of the experience commerce to consider for the succesful online businesses are as follows:

  • The businesses may not always be able to compete on price for sustenance. There are more things to consider beyond the price proposition. Creating an emotional connection with them attracts them to make a purchase.
  • Creating a seamless journey across the channels after understanding the customer journey in using a particular channel wins the show. Instead of pushing all the functionalities across all the devices, it is better to understand the customers’ usage patterns and move forward.
  • Considering the essential steps to understand the driving force behind the customer to buy the products helps to reach them and serve them in a better way. The digitalization helps to optimize the budgets and the marketing campaigns for an Ecommerce Store in a precise way than ever before.
  • The companies are bound to increase conversions, drive meaningful results by creating an engaged audience through experience commerce thinking. Orange Mantra is one such company that could help you to track the consumer behaviour through years of experience and research. You may get in touch with the digital marketing experts at

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