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How Does Staff Augmentation Work For Companies?

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Staff augmentation has become a buzzword across startups and mid-level to large-scale enterprises. It is an extended resource hiring model for companies to meet IT talent scarcity with ease.

SA is an effective way of bridging unexpected talent gaps, meeting project deadlines, boosting productivity, and saving costs.

The reason behind IT staff augmentation success is the way this extended hiring model works. And different ways the service offering helps companies to attain quick results.

How Does IT Staff Augmentation Work?

The global software market revenue is expected to reach $ 608.7 Billion by the end of 2022, as per a Statista report. Such an increasing rate is impossible without reflecting the availability of quality developers, designers, testers, and engineers.

IT resource augmentation covers the fair market share of supplying the required talents to the organizations explicitly. Thereby enhancing the software development cycle through distributed IT workforce.

Now, let’s focus on the working process of staff augmentation. It’s a cooperation model for companies to get extended IT support on a temporary/project-wise basis. Augmented specialists become a part of an in-house team of your enterprise and work specifically on the assigned project.

It is up to your requirement to hire a single tech resource or, more unlike the complete managed IT service model.

Follow the recruitment process in staff augmentation.

At this point, you must have got an idea about staff augmentations, what they offer, and how can you attain the maximum result. If things are not clear, read this short guide on staff augmentation. And then get to know the working process.

  1. Determine the talent: The first is to determine the skill and experience you require at the moment to fill in the resource gap in the team. You must decide whether you need a developer (specialized in a particular technology), UI/UX designer, testing expert, or any professional. Furthermore, you must know how many people you require to complete the work.
  2. Identify specialists:Once you are clarified the resource-based requirement, the next is to identify the specialist. You might need a fresher, mid-level, or senior-level IT professional. Get in touch with a staff augmentation company that identifies a specialist from their extensive talent pool.
  3. A trial first: It is an ideal way to start with a trial period or take a test to evaluate the skill of your augmented staff. If all goes well, you have a skilled professional ready to become a member of your existing in-house team.

Most critical factors when requiring an augmented staff from an external source.

* Need to expand the in-house team with a required professional having expertise in a particular technology

* Fill in the space with the internal team

* Require an extra hand to complete the project well on time

* Plan to follow-up conversation by going through details

* Hiring a top-level talent to bring agility to your team

3 Ways Staff Augmentation Best Works for You?

Staff augmentation is an effective talent-hiring model without undergoing the daunting and lengthy recruitment process. It provides you substantial results of timely project completion, an external mind to foster innovation, and attain a resource on a short-term basis. When implemented correctly, staff augmentation ensures long-term success based on the following three ways.

  1. Select projects with a limited time frame

Augmenting an extended and external tech talent works best for a one-time project that does not have an ongoing plan of continuation. Most commonly, limited software development projects feature strict deployment deadlines and require substantial teams to work upon. Concerning the same, instead of hiring a full-time resource, augment a short-term talent cost-effectively.

* Staff augmentation and technologies align together for enterprises.

* Hiring a developer on a project basis is a better comparison to a full-time substitute.

* Maintenance of mobile app or website can be handled internally or externally.

  1. Identify internal talent gaps

Doing an in-depth analysis of the organization and internal business processes allows you to identify the resource gaps. A developer or a designer might be missing or on leave from the existing project’s team. Evaluating the new project requirements further lays down the foundation for relying on staff augmentation.

Once you identify the current talent deficits within the organization, start collaborating with a staff augmentation company to fulfill the talent void.

* Determine the required technology resource.

* Hire on a short-term, project-wise, or long-term basis.

* Increase or decrease time size accordingly.

  1. Find unique skill requirement

Once you determine the skill set required for a particular project, the next step is collaborating with the right staff augmentation partner. More than the extended tech talent, external partners source the right professional already having the expertise on similar projects.

The company you decide to partner with must have more than one professional for the required skill and be available in an instant. These two requirements ensure project completion on time and build with high quality.

* Short-term staff hiring is further beneficial for other in-house projects.

* External developers already faced the challenges of diverse projects which in turn benefit your organization.

Concluding Thoughts

Augment your staff with external software developers, testers, engineers, and designers to revamp an existing or kickstart a new project. Staff augmentation is an imperative external resource hiring model for businesses to increase productivity without bearing a high cost. The strategy further allows enterprises to stay updated with the latest IT industry trends and make the best out of the global talent pool.

If you are a startup or owner of an already established organization, hire dedicated developers externally from OrangeMantra and carry out specific operations seamlessly.

 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do you need a staff augmentation service?

If your company requires a helping hand to manage or execute an existing or a new mobile app or web development project, staff augmentation is an ideal external hiring model. It allows you to identify the desired tech talent and hire dedicated android developers on short-term basis without inflicting much investment.

  1. What are the benefits of staff augmentation?

There is an extensive list of benefits to relying on staff augmentation service.

* Reduce time and money spent on new recruitment

* Fulfill the missing tech talent gap within the project

* Hire the required resource in a shortest possible time

* Lower the operational cost with the timely deployment of the project

* Experience complete control of the in-house project

 * Hire expert professionals from any choice of demographic

* Increase or decrease external team size accordingly.

  1. What is the cost of augmenting an external team member?

The cost of augmenting a tech talent depends on the project’s duration, type of skill and experience required, and complexity of work. Discuss your requirements with a reliable staff augmentation partner and keep things transparent while hiring.