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How to Find the Right Shopify Development Agency to Set Up Your Online Store?

Starting an Online Store has now become a normal norm and everyone is seeking ways they can make their way in this industry digitally. E-Commerce is gaining a lot of traction in recent times. Hence, merchants and users are looking for various ways to make their official entry in this particular industry. Similarly, several software agencies are also trying to make headlines to take advantage of this rise. Shopify is one such tool that has been leveraged via several Shopify app Developer Companies. It allows them to offer a feature-rich eCommerce Solution and gain the attraction of new merchants.

Choosing the right Shopify Development Company in such scenarios can be a tricky task. It requires extreme precision and understanding too. One needs to be careful before making any decision as things can go from exciting to overwhelming too soon. Hence, to ease up your burden we, the people of OrangeMantra are here to list a few tactics or tips that you can use for the selection process for your Online Store. Being in this sector for more than 2 decades, OM experts know what merchants want from a Shopify Plus Agency.

So, without further Adieu, let’s begin the article, and let’s first try to understand what Shopify Experts are?

Who are Shopify Experts?

Shopify Experts are professionals that can provide the edge in your eCommerce solution that you’ve been looking for. These experts have their own way of developing a Shopify Solution including the design, functionality, integrations, etc.

Shopify Experts are available in the form of freelancers or as a whole agency. If you are starting an eCommerce platform just as a single entity, you should go for freelancers as they are cheaper to hire and won’t make a dent in your overall budget. However, if you are an accomplished organization ranging from SMBs to large enterprises, going for an Agency will be the best option. At this point of growth, the budget is not more important or fundamental as much as the user’s experience and features in an eCommerce Platform is.

An Agency will help you in developing the platform with the right features and further guide you through the marketing process also while a freelancer will just customize your website. With freelancers, you need to hire different professionals for each domain of your product.

Let’s address this comparison deeply in the next section. But before that let’s explore when you should hire an Agency?

When Should You Hire a Shopify Development Company?

In the initial days, hiring a Shopify Development company seems like a waste of your allocated budget. Shopify has made its system so easier to navigate that even a non-developer can get through the basic functionalities. However, in the long run, developing, customizing, and maintaining a platform may get a little tricker.

A Shopify Development Company works in all domains and will help you with the installation, development, customizing of the features that fit best for your platform, assist you in marketing, etc. A dedicated company brings its A-game in making your business stand out among your consumers. Shopify professionals can easily help you in broadening your audience base and increasing the visibility of your platform globally. 

Why Should You Hire a Shopify Agency?

There are multiple benefits to hiring a Shopify Plus Agency. Such Agencies will help you in growing and managing your platform in a certain timeline. These Agencies will help you in:

  • Managing the business process and multiple tasks around it efficiently
  • Hi-Level of Customization with the help of latest tools and technology without interfering with the core functionality of the CMS
  • Migration from one platform to another
  • Help you in building sales strategies and implement them to grow business

Quality of Work

Agencies, such as OrangeMantra, are offering such services before the inception of such CMS systems. Hence, these companies have a lot of experience and they know what they are doing. Apart from small customizations, their experience allows them to implement Payment Gateway integration, Inventory Systems, Easier Checkout process, and Easier navigation through the website with ease.


Having Knowledge in the development field for this long, Agencies are able to implement these functionalities, upgrades, or perform the migration of your solution in less to no time. Saving a lot of time can prove to be critical in a quickly changing environment. It also allows merchants to roll out new and unique functionalities in no time and before anyone else.  

Exceptional User Experience

User experience is one important factor. It drives the sales over your platform and helps you achieve new heights in the market. The Marketing team of any Shopify Plus Agency will perform an analysis of your targeted audience and market your solution to the right audience. In the longer run, this helps you in generating a lot more revenue. It also allows you to keep our platform updated with the latest market trends.

Wrapping Up

Shopify is gaining a lot of perspective in recent times. It’d be the right time, a little late but still, you can achieve a lot by hiring the right Shopify development company to set up your online store. We understand your confusion and to ease up the process, OM offers such an extensive range of Shopify Development Services that allows you to focus more on your solutions offerings rather than focusing on the trivial backend tasks.

Still didn’t find the answers you are looking for? Reach us now and let our experts take care of the rest.


Q1. What is a Shopify development Store?
A development store in Shopify is a platform that allows developers or non-tech experts to test their themes and tools that can be used in setting up the store’s website.

Q2. Do large companies use Shopify?
Shopify is a powerful tool and can satisfy the needs of SMBs to large enterprises. Several multi-millionaire companies use Shopify to generate millions (or billions in some cases) of annual revenue.

Q3. Can you use Shopify to sell services also?
Shopify initially was launched to power small retail stores. However, it can also be leveraged to sell services online now – Services that are non-tangible, that don’t require any type of product, just your services.

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