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Nasscom Selects Orange Mantra’s Live E-Commerce Platform as Part of the New Normal Showcase

Nasscom Product Showcase – Rewrite the Workbook in New Normal

Date: 24th June | Time: 11:30 AM to 01:00 PM

Organizations are rapidly moving towards a digitally-driven and innovative world where everything is going to be touched by technology. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the pace of digital transformation like never before. This current phase can be seen as a challenge and an opportunity for many organizations. The ever-evolving firms who are already leveraging digital transformation are pleased to share the product that would help in rewriting the workbook.

Orange Mantra is one of the leading digital transformation solution providers that empower enterprises with intelligent and powerful digital solutions to take their businesses a few notches higher. Orange Mantra constantly strives to deliver excellent digital transformation solutions to enterprises and its Live Commerce Digital Exhibition Platform is an outcome of its efforts. We are pleased to announce that the Nasscom has selected Orange Mantra’s Live Commerce Solutions as part of the new normal showcase.

The Key Takeaways of Nasscom Product Showcase Will Be:

  • Remote Management
  • Productivity and automation using RPA
  • COVID Shield App for safety and hygiene at the workplace
  • Virtual Exhibition Platform

Introduction to Orange Mantra’s Live Commerce Digital Exhibition Platform

Live Commerce Digital Exhibition Platform created by Orange Mantra is a world-class virtual exhibition platform that enables exhibitors to conduct Virtual Exhibition Fairs, Job Fairs, Live E-Commerce, Online Trade Shows, and more to showcase their products in superior quality formats. It is a platform that lets exhibitors to connect and engage with a global audience using live chat tools, virtual shows, and comprehensive digital content, backed by a dedicated 24/7 customer support service.

Orange Mantra’s Live Commerce Digital Exhibition Platform assists exhibitors to

  • Showcase products and promote their products through highly configurable custom virtual booths.
  • Go Live and virtually interact with the walk-in visitors on a one to one call
  • Present 3D product with live chat, visitor analytics, and networking
  • Measure the effectiveness of virtual events, and do a lot more.

Our virtual exhibition platform is a one-stop solution for organizations that are looking to find new opportunities to promote their products and reach out to a larger audience.

Are you interested in knowing what this unique platform has in store for you? Don’t miss out on this amazing live session in which you’ll learn about the exciting benefits of Orange Mantra’s Live Commerce Digital Exhibition Platform. Hurry, visit and book your seats now!

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