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Transforming happiness into efficiency

Transforming Happiness into Efficiency

In today’ s life and busy schedule we all log for one very essential thing which is missing; and it is Happiness. Happiness wherever you are; be it work, office, in daily activities. Where one is and whoso ever the person is, of whatever the age s/he is of, s/he needs to be happy in their surroundings. People have problems with their superiors, do not have passion, attachment with the work or with the organizations. As organizations they really need to work upon happiness and productivity because they complement each other.

Orange Mantra is one of the organizations where people are associated for very long. The crux of OM is we believe in transforming happiness to efficiency or output. Happiness is not moment specific in OM as employees’ performance improve when they are happy and work harder.

· At OM we have stress free atmosphere which keeps employees engaging and indulging in the projects. The talks with each other be it the lead or with seniors whether it is of the work or out of the work freshens up their mood at regular intervals.

· Adding another feather to OM’ s cap is the healthy, friendly and flexible environment OM offers to all of its employees. Employees amongst each other has strong, social and supple connection with each other and that’ s how it keeps OM growing and so are the employees.

· “Remember, moods and emotions are contagious, so be the happy boss! ” Lang said. “You’ re the role model and mentor. How you act is contagious. ” This quote by Lang aptly fits to the owner of OM. His approach and style to work are very different as his long association with people have been proved right.

· Our strength lies in our workforce. Our developers are multi-talented in respect to the technologies they work upon. It is just one session by the senior or the project where they need to showcase their skills. They have that perfect zeal to perform and move higher and higher.

Performance is the key element of OM to keep it alive and going. Employees and employer both perform towards achieving happiness in terms of effective output and efficiency.

Written By: Nidhi Chauhan

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