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Why Dashboard Solution is perfect for your Smart City Technology?

dashboard solutions

As countries across the world are facing rapid urbanization, government officials, real-estate developers, business enterprises experience tremendous pressure while addressing public utilities and services infrastructure. In addition, they have to manage the ever-increasing urban population in sustainable and efficient manner. The best methodology to deal with such situation is leveraging the benefits of innovative technologies in the form of smart city solutions. These solutions are designed to empower government, business enterprises, construction companies with the support of Dashboarding solution; IoT connectivity in order to improve service efficiencies, create safer neighborhoods, reduce carbon emissions, save environment and enhance the overall living standard of citizens.

However, for administration data management and decision making is a huge challenge. To address such challenges Business intelligence solution is very much required. Dashboard is a perfect tool to deal with it. But before going into its benefits, let’s discuss the challenges faced by government in the absence of Dashboard solution.

Data Visualization Challenges Faced by Government & Business Enterprises

  • Absences of insightful data which puzzle the users and make it troublesome to compare figures, see trends, and gain proper insights.
  • Overloaded reports stuffed with unnecessary visual elements, colors, and data visualization types.
  • No proper management of the user roles having an impact on the relevance and usability of data delivered.
  • Unanswered questions and lack of filtering features for the users looking for in-depth analysis of the data.
  • Insufficient flexibility of the data being limited to desktop versions rather than also being present for the mobile users.

These are some major challenges that need to be addressed and it can be done with the Business Intelligence dashboard integration for smart city technology.

Benefits of Smart City Solutions

1. Low Carbon Emission
With the steep rise in the global warming, greenhouse effect, and garbage, smart cities are doing all efforts to fight environment hazardous. The energy-efficient structure, air-quality sensors, and less-energy energy consuming resources are providing all measures to reduce the ecological impact.

2. Decision Making Capabilities
To access complete information of the city on a centralized platform, advancement in Analytics services and connected devices have played a vital role. A properly managed data analytics strategy using dashboard solution helps the officials, entrepreneurs to access the massive amount of data in the form of charts, diagrams, visuals covering the entire city. Effective applications make it easier to analyze the police in high-risk areas, and identify trends, interests, concerns, and needs of the citizens. This ultimately helps in stronger decision making and improving services.

3. Improved Digital Equity
To ensure digital equity, a proper high-speed internet services and affordable devices must be provided to every individual. Offering public Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the city can offer trustworthy Internet service to all the residents of the city. With the smart city technology a plan can be developed regarding the skills training, availability of affordable devices, and provide accessible and economical internet services.

4. Advanced Infrastructure
Aging roads, monuments, bridges, and buildings often need a large amount of investment for their maintenance. With the use of innovative technologies a detailed report can be generated to identify the areas requiring repair before the infrastructure fails. Smart sensors can provide data showing the structural changes, finding the cracks and tilts in the bridges or buildings. Automatically push notifications are sending to concerned department for inspection and maintenance. These can help cities to reduce operational costs and prevent infrastructure failure.

5. Revenue Generation
The smart city solution creates new resources to generate revenues with smart initiatives. It includes IoT solutions, road tolling system that eliminates the parking frauds- and use public funds for the urban infrastructure. Smart sensors generate data on citizen’s needs and behavior. Cities like Washington are using paywalls to access their data, charging private sector firms who want to access it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are dashboards used for?

A business intelligence dashboard is an information management tool that tracks KPIs, metrics, and other important data points crucial for a business, department, or specific job execution. With the use of data visualizations, dashboards ease the complex data sets to offer users a glance of current performance.

2. What should be included in a dashboard?

For providing proper insights, a dashboard must include:

  • Icons
  • Images
  • Drawing Objects
  • Organizers
  • Analytical/Tactical
  • Operational

3. What are smart city solutions?

Smart City Solutions ranges from traffic management, toll-management, and energy efficiency to e-governance, intelligent lighting systems, smart schools, home and building efficiency systems and smart healthcare.


Becoming smart not only comprise of upcoming technologies and setting them up but implementing, finding the solution to the real-life issues, government officials, business persons looking to improve the city operations and focusing on the citizens quality.

Dashboarding solutions are all good and do great by providing proper insights at a centralized location. Users can easily deal with the problems experienced by the city in a smart manner. Officials need to engage the solutions in the process of making the city smarter. They should work in improving the quality of residents and ease the government operations.

A dashboard is the perfect solution which displays data visualizations for simple & hassle-free understanding. It offers key performance metrics and serves effective insights regarding target audience. With several dashboards being available, selecting the appropriate one depends on your needs and expectations. We, at OrangeMantra can help you with top-rated Dashboard development services that works perfect for you! We have expertise in custom dashboards while collaborating with you and knowing your needs. Our team specializes in interactive dashboards development solutions to gather rich insights for your smart decision making.