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Hospital Management Software Solutions Intelligence Automates While Doctors Operate

We offer robust hospital management software solutions that help you streamline your hospital operations and administration.

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Enhance Your Healthcare Services with Robust Hospital Management System Software

Running a large care facility is easier said than done and you will probably know the challenges of hospital management, regardless of the size of the facility! Here are some of the challenges that hospital management system software can help you address.

  • With the traditional approach encompassing paper-based information processing, managing data related to patients, workforce, and assets can be draining
  • Finding specialists and booking appointments based on their specialty, availability, rating, and fees is difficult for the patients
  • Collating patient notes, organizing doctor schedules, managing hospital assets, inventory, and workforce, and handling payments is a humongous task
  • Scalability and security are the other key challenges as your hospital grows in size while the patient data accumulates over time
  • Achieving coordination between different types of departments, cross-specialty personnel, and multiple locations is another aspect that needs attention

Give Your Business a Health Boost with a High-tech Hospital Management Solution

Invest in comprehensive hospital management system software that is capable of covering the entire aspects of management and operations of healthcare organizations of all sizes. Get the benefits of improved quality of services, greater operational efficiency, and reduced costs.

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Out-Patient Department (OPD) Management
Eliminate tedious tasks of manual registration and sifting through piles of physical files every time you need details about patients. Our solution is designed to assist the hospital in managing the OPD management processes end to end.
  • Patient registration
  • Practitioner management
  • Prescription management
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Reporting and analytics
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In-Patient Department (IPD) Management
IPD, like OPD, is a key aspect of hospital management. The solution needs to address IPD operations such as admission, allocation, transfers & discharge of the patients so that it becomes easy to handle the stages of the patient workflow, right from reception to payment and discharge.
  • In-Patient registration
  • Bed management
  • Laboratory reports
  • Discharge summary
  • Billing and invoicing
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Hospital Asset Management
Large medical facilities are likely to have an immense investment in assets such as machinery and equipment, mobile beds, wheelchairs, and more. We cover hospital asset management in our solution to ensure that you can track your assets as they move across floors and departments.
  • RFID-based asset tracking
  • Patient and personnel tracking
  • Proximity detection
  • Asset database
  • Asset maintenance
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Medical Inventory Management
Besides managing hospital assets, another key challenge lies in managing medical inventory. As a part of the solution, the inventory management module enables the tracking and management of medical supplies and provides real-time updates on the inventory on-hand.
  • RFID-based asset tracking
  • Patient and personnel tracking
  • Proximity detection
  • Asset database
  • Asset maintenance
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Electronic Health Record
Patient health records are of great value for the hospital. Our software solution is empowered with a robust, flexible, secure, and scalable EHR module that provides real-time information about patients to specialists and the staff.
  • Patient health charting
  • Appointment reminders
  • E-prescription
  • Patient retention module
  • Role-based security
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Finance & Accounting Management
The automation of the entire billing and accounting of the hospital operations finances is the key to increasing profitability and cutting costs. This module lets hospitals to manage daily purchase or sales transactions while enabling them to capitalize on new opportunities.
  • Accounting and finances
  • Procurement
  • Claims management
  • Revenue management
  • Reporting & analytics

Other Hospital Management Solutions

As healthcare moves towards a digital-first approach, hospital management is much more than just managing patients and doctors to deliver the best possible patient care. The key lies in providing personalized care while complying with the regulatory norms. Here are some other forms of hospital management system software that we offer:

  • Front desk management
  • Patient portal
  • Emergency scenario management
  • Ward management
  • Housekeeping management
  • Canteen management
  • Dietary management
  • Waste management
  • Laboratory management
  • Payroll and HR management
  • Healthcare Integration
  • Healthcare analytics
  • MHealth
  • Custom EHR/EMR
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Practice Management
  • Healthcare Information System Software

What Our Clients Have to Say About Us?

Benefits of Implementing Our Hospital Management System Software

OrangeMantra’s hospital management software comes with myriad features that provide real-time updates and have the potential to improve profitability and efficiency of your hospital.


Automation is the smartest approach for achieving excellence in quality and patient care. With a hospital management solution that facilitates automation, you can deliver accurately and error-free services for the patients and enhance the efficiency of your hospital staff.

Quality and compliance

Compliance with the regulatory norms for contagious conditions and life-saving procedures is mandatory for every hospital. Our solution empowers your organization with the requisite quality procedures and the essential compliance certificates.

Clinical decision improvements

Get accurate data to make informed decisions related to medications, diagnostic reports, treatment approaches, and insurance records. The solution lets clinical professionals access all information with a single click so that they can make quick and better decisions.

Financial Management

Revenue management is vital for sustaining a large hospital as managing bills, salaries, insurance payments, and taxes manually is a nightmare. We help you with a smart solution that stores historic data and predicts the influx and outflow of revenues for your hospital.

Modern Care Centers

Our solution offers an advanced Hospital Portal which brings patients, doctors, clinicians, paramedics, and laboratory staff on a single platform. They can fix appointments and get updates on-the-go with mobile apps, text messages, and emails.

Security Improvements

An integrated software solution ensures that the vital medical, clinical and financial information is stored on secure servers. While control over user access to records is with the hospital administrators, the solution also prevents unauthorized access and data loss.


Hospital Management System Software helps the healthcare personnel to get a 360-degree view of all of the patient records, diagnosis, clinical documents, and other important things which further helps them to make decisions at the right time.
Some of the common features of hospital information system software include:
  • 1. High speed and performance
  • 2. Reduce money drainage
  • 3. Quick and easy access to all data
  • 4. Human error free
  • 5. Reduced supervision
  • 6. Cost-effective
  • 7. Accountability
Here are some of the key factors to consider when selecting the right hospital management solution provider:
  • 1. Determine if it’s the right time to switch to a new HIMS.
  • 2. Estimate your budget and total cost
  • 3. Make a note of things to check before you process the online demo
  • 4. Involve use departments
  • 5. Staff training is essential
  • 6. Check HMS stability and its features
  • 7. Make sure the provider offers support and upgrades
  • 8. Make a list of solution providers for comparison
  • 9. Check credentials and customer reviews
  • 10. Choose cloud-based hospital information system software
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