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5 CX Predictions To Drive Success For Magento E-Commerce Stores In 2018

5 CX Predictions To Drive Success For Magento E-Commerce Stores In 2018

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E-commerce is a business domain that has evolved at a rapid pace. The competition is high and the parameters that drive success are extremely tricky; the biggest challenge for sellers is to understand what really clicks. This form of selling is very different from brick-and-mortar business as everything really depends on customer experience rather than price and quality of goods. As customer expectations change rapidly, sellers need to keep pace so that they excel in delivering stellar experiences that bring conversions for the business. So if you are running a Magento e-commerce store, here are the customer experience trends that you must follow to get success in 2018:

(1) A judicious mix of artificial and “real” intelligence will elevate CX
Despite the hype related to Artificial Intelligence and conversational commerce, personal interactions will never lose their significance when it comes to delivering winning customer experiences. While AI is capable of enabling deeper connections with the shoppers, there are chances that it may be inaccurate in interpreting what the shopper really wants. So merchants need to come up with a judicious mix of artificial and human intelligence to ensure a flawless journey for each customer.

(2) Augmented Reality will gain precedence
Another technology that can have a positive influence on e-commerce shoppers is that of Augmented Reality. One big issue for online buyers is that they are apprehensive about the way a product would look in reality. The integration of AR into the Magento store and app can resolve this issue to a considerable extent as it gives a pretty fair idea about the product. Several e-commerce sellers are already offering virtual try-rooms and highly-realistic 3D models to their customers so that they can actually experience the look and feel of the products before buying them.

(3) The key lies in mastering the omnichannel strategy
A typical e-commerce venture supports as many as nine customer touchpoints today and this number is expected to go up very soon. The key to success lies in going omnichannel and ensuring that each of these channels is well-aligned to deliver seamless experiences. Merchants need to invest in Magento app development if they have not already done so. Those already there should ensure that the mobile channel (and all others) are secure and reliable.

(4) Location-based communication drives success
Another CX prediction for 2018 relates to the increasing use of location-based technologies with the combination of wireless beacon devices and mobile apps. The retail sector, in particular, will use this technology to blend the physical and virtual spaces. As a shopper with the mobile app approaches the location, the beacons will identify them and deliver personalized messages and offers via push notifications. In this way, this technology is poised to become the mainstay of customer engagement and targeted marketing.

(5) The CX space will witness the “Data and Analytics” boom
Although data and analytics have always been significant in tailoring e-commerce experiences, they will witness a boom this year. Businesses will need to focus on capturing diverse data from new sources, integrate them into data sets, and derive actionable insights by analyzing these data sets. These insights will serve Magento merchants as powerful decision-making tools that help them in framing far-reaching marketing strategies.

The CX predictions spell huge opportunities for e-commerce sellers as they can embrace these trends to improve the customer’s journey and transform them into brand loyalists. However, they need to join hands with the right technology partner to implement these as a part of their CX strategy. At OrangeMantra, we extend a full range of services including Magento e-commerce development, customization, marketing, migration, and maintenance. We also hold expertise in mobile app development and cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, AR, and more. Connect with us to avail a futuristic Magento e-commerce store that delivers the most amazing user experiences.

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