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Is SharePoint a Wise Investment for Startup Organizations?

Is SharePoint the Wise Investment for a Startups?

Business structures all over the globe are changing at a rapid pace. The advancement in internet and technology have made it possible to run an office without a physical space, almost eliminating overhead costs that stop many entrepreneurs to achieve success. As we can see, the world is getting smaller with the introduction of innovative technologies. All it takes a startup to succeed without a physical office is the use of the right CMS for communication and connectivity. CMS helps to manage the content and process the raw data to take an appropriate decision. SharePoint is a web-based CMS that works with the Microsoft Office Suite; it has the feature to get accessed from anywhere.

SharePoint is an effective and scalable Content Management System (CMS) that works more than the basic file storage. Let’s look, how & Why you should use a SharePoint CMS for your startup.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is an Enterprise Collaboration Platform that is Web-based & accessed via a browser. It helps you to share and Collaborate information among multiple stakeholders. Sharepoint enhances business productivity & ROI to make work simpler. The SharePoint Platform includes servers, panels, workspace. All these elements play a vital role in the working of this CMS. With so many features, the demand for SharePoint development services has seen a huge growth among the startups. Before we discuss the benefits a startup can avail from this CMS, let’s talk about other crucial elements.

Features of Sharepoint Server

The functionality discussed make server responsible and effective to implement the top features of the Microsoft SharePoint platform.

  • Effective documentation with content management

  • Advance search and Task collaboration

  • Reduced workload and enterprise services

  • Deployment resources

  • Better control & monitoring

  • Perform web operations in a joint manner

Types of Sharepoints Panels

A SharePoint CMS includes multiple panels having its own workability according to the business domain.

1. User Panel

The user panel functionality works according to the application platform where the user can compare multiple business solutions as per their requirements. In this user can easily upgrade the supports and get the catalog.

2. Administrator Panel

  • System control

  • App monitoring

  • Management of platform server interruptions

  • Smooth Execution of the processes

3. Third-Party

  • Centralized store to perform marketing and advertising tasks.

  • Build an app by using HTML, JavaScript, CSS.

  • Analyze the app feature to perform in any language form.

  • Sharing Model works in the app store.

What benefits SharePoint CMS offers to a Startup?

Every startup comes across several challenges like budget, office space, employees and many more. Most of the startups don’t succeed because they are unable to deal with such challenges. In order to address such issues, a perfect CMS is needed. SharePoint has all the features that a startup is looking, let’s check out.

1. File Sharing

SharePoint has the feature to offer live streaming for information and file sharing. This allows you and your team members to work on a project from multiple locations without sharing countless emails.

Despite the smooth file sharing, SharePoint has a high-level of security features to secure your startup’s intellectual property. You can easily manage every individual user, thus the team members only have access to the projects to which they are assigned.

As SharePoint CMS is web-based, it hardly matters what browser, device your team members are using like one uses a Chromebook, one uses a Mac, and one uses a PC.

2. Customization

SharePoint was earlier considered as a highly technical platform to manage content with an intense learning curve. Over time, with the growth of custom SharePoint development, the startups have been able to avail the customization benefits of SharePoint thus reducing the workload and heavy investment. Now, with so much advancement you can tweak the SharePoint CMS to meet your business needs with ease and without an in-depth knowledge of the coding. In conjunction with the organizational capabilities, you can build a perfect tool for your startup business.

3. Simplify Business Activities

Take benefit of SharePoint out-of-the-box features for initiating, monitoring and reporting common business activities, like document review, issue tracking, file sharing and signature collection. And, you can perform these tasks without doing any coding. Doing integration with the client applications, e-mail and Web browsers offers a simple, consistent experience.

4. Better-Informed Decisions

SharePoint makes it simple to create live, engaging business intelligence (BI) portals that collect and display business-critical data from diverse sources. With the use of integrated BI capabilities, including dashboards, Web Parts, scorecards, key performance indicators (KPIs) and business data connectivity technologies you can make wise decisions for your startup. Centralized Report Center feature gives users a single place to locate the latest reports, KPIs and spreadsheets.

Different Solutions with SharePoint:

  • An Intranet portal for your startup and its departments

  • An Internet web site with CMS

  • An Extranet portal for your clients and partners

  • A Team Site for the Sales team

  • A Project Site for the project team

  • A section of forms to gather information properly

  • A document management system meeting government regulations

  • A digital dashboard for storing BI like KPIs

  • Advance search to access any type of information, regardless of its location

  • A place to discuss topics and brainstorming that interest the entire team

  • A place for your own personal apps, you own Personal Site

Wrapping Up:

SharePoint is a valuable web-based CMS for simplifying the daily business processes, streamlining the standard working process, and securely sharing sensitive data. With its ability to help users with content management, and build open communication amongst the team members, SharePoint is a perfect tool for the startups. If you are looking to integrate this CMS for your startup, get assistance from a reputed SharePoint development company having all the resources like experienced developers & testers. We at OrangeMantra offer different services ranging from SharePoint development, customization and migration. Just share your requirements with us and we will offer you the best solutions for your business idea.