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Automating Storage Facility Monitoring for a Multi-Site Enterprise

Project Highlights

One of Europe’s leading storage facility operators was looking for a tech partner to build an automation solution for facility monitoring. As a leading storage facility provider to commercial and private customers, they needed to scale services amid growing demands. Their storage facilities are personalized to customer needs.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

The company was facing challenges in maintaining their sites. Manual temperature and humidity control were the key obstacles they faced in their daily operations. As a trusted service provider in the region, the company needed to overcome this challenge promptly. Storage areas often exceeded the desired temperature levels. Besides, floors frequently reached humidity levels that aren’t suitable for storage.

Technology Solution

We built a site monitoring solution with wireless sensors and central gateways. The system uses LTE connectivity for real-time monitoring. A breed of highly evolved IoT capabilities enabled the team to create precise monitoring. Admins and other users receive notifications as the temperature and humidity is about to exceed the desired levels.

The solution relies on data interface options (APIs) to connect the storage company’s IT. It allows them to visualize the temperature and humidity levels on a dashboard. Additionally, the company’s customers can also check the storage conditions in real time.

Value Delivered

After deploying the monitoring solution and API data interface, the company was able to consistently maintain temperature and humidity levels. It helped the storage company dramatically improve customer trust by showing temperature and humidity in real time. Crucially, the solution also helped the company save substantial labor cost by automating tedious temperature control tasks. Prompt notifications helped site managers to ensure consistency in humidity and temperature, and hence service quality.

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