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Building India’s First Tech-Powered, Affordable Diabetes Management Platform

Project Highlights

Our Client, BeatMySugar, is India’s unique diabetes management platform with a vision to bridge this gap by curating a comprehensive knowledge share matrix. The novel idea was stratified into a three-step process; first, end-customer engagement model through diabetes education, followed by doctor consultation, and eventually, a telemedicine service as a transaction solution to customers.
India holds second place behind China in terms of the number of people affected with diabetes mellitus. The prevalence of diabetes between the ages of 20-79 years in India is 8.9 %. These alarming data points owe much to the lack of a holistic information outreach infra and insufficient knowledge.
They partnered with OrangeMantra team to build a comprehensive diabetes knowledge-sharing platform. In addition, establish BeatMySugar as a visually enriched interactive platform and integrate doctor consultation and telemedicine modules simultaneously.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

Our client took on the mission of digitally transforming their healthcare sector through diabetes management platform. Lack of digital platform was the real concern for brand to engage prospects and beat competitors. In addition, building a fully integrated system without any manual intervention for an enriched operational efficiency, and aligning technology as per business goals was a concern too. Fulfilling this game-changing vision relied on finding a suitable technology partner capable of building robust healthcare solutions. After extensive research and evaluations, OrangeMantra was found to be the perfect match for the complex job of digitizing diabetes management.

Technology Solution

To deliver a quality product for BeatMySugar in the fastest way possible, we set up a team of experienced developers, backend engineers, business analysts, and designers. Our team is responsible for the complete development cycle, covering requirements specifications, architecture, coding, validation, testing, production, and digital platform development.
We studied their desired business ambitions, did a market analysis to identify the need gap, studied consumer profile and consumption pattern, among other things. After identifying the most suitable technology stack, we zeroed down on the gap, conducted business and technology readiness analysis for the expected changes. It led to the drafting of the solution architecture for deployment.
We built a dynamic dashboard that could manage appointments, payments, and product management through its e-commerce website. We added support to regularly update interactive content, engagement modules, and day-to-day business operations.

Value Delivered

OrangeMantra’s visionary leadership helped BMS transform its online presence and gain a considerable user base adding significantly to the business bottom-line. The diabetes management platform features three user-focused modules, including an educational portal, an e-commerce website, and the doctor consultant module. We also implemented substantial amounts of data into the platform.
We designed a full-fledged content-driven eco-system to educate end customers, followed by a telemedicine e-commerce platform. It was a fully integrated functional platform that matched their marketing needs and was aligned with their operational demands through medicine supply system management.

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