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Referral Program & Reward Points Platform for an Entertainment Firm

Project Highlights

Our client, an entertainment service provider, needed to enrich their platform with an engaging referral program, new ticket booking, and reward points. The company has years of experience in the entertainment sector, being recognized as one of the top companies. As one of the best companies, they pursue a strategy of continuous innovation to grow loyal customer base. The entertainment company requested OrangeMantra to build an efficient application having all these crucial features.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

Encouraging users to book tickets and simplifying their on-premise experience was a major challenge. To grow customer base and sales, they wanted to enhance their customer account features with a referral program. The referral program would ensure customers can collect reward points with every order. The points can be exchanged for exclusive offers, merchandise, and/or discount codes. Additional app features they need were ticket booking, secure payments to increase customer engagement.

Technology Solution

OrangeMantra proactively analyzed both clients’ requirements and customer interest. First step was to create a solution reflecting referral program, reward points and ticket booking status. Altogether, we focused on improving the revenue programs of the entertainment company by infusing reward points. Moreover, as a technology partner of the company, our team created functionality to give customers reward points, which can be received in the customer account after doing a referral. In addition, we automated all loyalty point transactions and created a script to update them.

Value Delivered

By assigning development work to OrangeMantra, our client was able to become more competitive and trustworthy company. They focused on their core tasks resulting into bringing more business value with new products and promoting their products in new markets.

In the end, the required functionality for the referral program was successfully implemented. Customers can exchange their earned reward points for products or coupon codes which encourage them to return and get entertained. Overall, the addition of referral programs, reward points helped company experienced a huge shift in sales number and improved its operations.

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