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Development of an Advanced Customer-Oriented Order and Return System

Project Highlights

Our client an award-winning Singapore based home appliance brand decided to invest in innovation. Their existing order management system was complex and outdated. They needed a new and advanced solution to replace it. The client not only needed a responsive order management interface but also required a responsive dashboard to streamline the entire process. They were looking for a technology partner to transform their legacy system to a modern avatar. OrangeMantra has the right expertise in e-commerce development and related solutions.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

The outdated order management system caused several challenges for our client. One of them was no proper database of offline orders and returns in the system. This results into duplicate entries and confusion among sales team, as they could not keep track of orders and returns. Secondly, the presence of legacy system resulted into poor usability. This caused workflow disruptions, productivity concerns, and regular staff training. Lastly, the legacy system had no feature to customize orders and improvements were pending due to the high cost of development.

Technology Solution

Our e-commerce team created a transparent, efficient, and responsive order management system. The team adopted the latest industry trends and technologies to revamp the legacy platform. The presence of new order management system has improved usability. Sales team have complete access of order information directly from the portal. The solution has advanced search and filtering along with a user-friendly interface. It can track returns and is a single place to monitor orders. In addition, customers are supported with personalized eCommerce journey because data for their orders is shared in their personal accounts.

Value Delivered

We started with a minimum viable product (MVP) in three months. Then we spent two more months to build the whole platform and support it. Our data-driven approach ensured a customer-oriented order and return management system is developed. With development of new platform, our client saved on the existing infrastructure, licensing and support, and overall maintenance. With a simple interface, the client can now focus on core business operations and properly manage them to gain a competitive benefit in terms of customer acquisition. Thanks to our experts, the client expanded their digital presence to provide better services for their end-users. Their internal teams can easily manage orders and return process for optimized business performance.

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