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Gamification Enabled e-Learning Platform for Kids

Project Highlights

E-learning today is integrated with advanced cloud-based and gamification features to make learning fun. Our client was seeking a reliable development partner who can build a digital e-learning platform. They wanted to build a cloud-based platform with a primary focus on small kids. Based on the analysis, we implemented the gamification feature in the online learning solution to engage kids, teachers, and parents.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

The major challenge for client was to build a platform to deliver content in real-time. They need secure, engaging, and responsive platform that can serve multiple users simultaneously without any downtime. It was important that the online education solution had a great user interface. The solution would be used mainly by kids and trainers. In addition, the client wanted us to develop a web interface to administer the solution backend.

Technology Solution

Keeping all the client requirements intact and the project challenges, our team worked on the e-learning portal development. We developed an interface for the students to search for various courses according to their language, interest, and trainers. Kids can enroll themselves for various learning courses, select the required course, and make an appointment. Students and trainers can have a separate one-to-one learning session through video chat.

Value Delivered

Although our collaboration on this project has been short so far, the results are already visible. First, we have introduced new functionalities like real-time access, offline mode, guest user and gamification. OrangeMantra has delivered all the planned functionality of the client’s eLearning platform on time and on budget. The client is satisfied, and solution has helped them to establish themselves as a global market player. They’ve been able to retain existing students and acquired over 2000 in the first month of launch.

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