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Vedic Astrology App Development for a Renowned Astrologer

Project Highlights

Our client is a recognized astrologer on a mission to enrich the life of her clients. They offer a wide variety of services, from horoscopes, numerology, and spiritual activities. The client wanted an engaging and easy to navigate app that lets users quickly check their horoscope, star sign’s qualities and compatibility with other moon signs. They needed a technology partner like OrangeMantra to assist them with mobile app development.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

To improve the customer base and expand their business to digital platform, the client was in search of a mobile app solution. As a business that wanted to expand its brand visibility, they were looking to build a simple, beautiful Astrology app. The general problem with such apps is that they’re too textual. They were focused to make the app quick to read and a pleasure to look at. The real challenge for us was to bring idea into reality by working on the user experience, user interface, and the logo design.

Technology Solution

First, we looked into the business background, target audience and competitors of the app. By keeping these factors in consideration, we gained valuable insights into what users loved and what they need. We focused on creating a smooth user experience and flawless navigation. We added simple graphics and charts for user engagement. Integration was quick and easy, approval for payments was instant, and overall engagement rate were higher.

Value Delivered

Customers can easily log in to the app, avail of a free session, and then connect with live astrologers for real-time assistance. Users really enjoyed the way to quickly view their horoscope, qualities, and compatibility without doing efforts of searching over the internet. The app’s design is clean and modern, with a wide range of services, making it a popular option for all astrology-related needs. Overall, the app is a real example to the power of good design and the importance of addressing user needs.

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