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Manufacturing Process Automation for a Globally Leading Footwear Company

Project Highlights

Our client, Relaxo, is a multinational footwear manufacturer based in India that wanted to automate its production processes at the plant and deploy full-blown automation systems. It was intended to secure a solution that can boost the manufacturing process and enable real-time access to inventory & production data in different departments. Besides, the company has been falling behind in maintaining sophisticated technology infrastructure to boost its team’s capabilities. Thus, Relaxo partnered with OrangeMantra to develop & deploy future-ready automation systems.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

Thorough assimilation of manufacturing processes into an automation system is quite challenging, as it requires the coupling of several modules with complex infrastructure. Also, it is hard to evaluate how departments manage their workflow without a complete production plant & process analysis. Also, identifying potential risks and roadblocks initially is nearly impossible. Thus, our team of automation experts and digital transformation consultants must investigate the complete process at the factory site.

Technology Solution

Our team of Software engineers and tech experts created a deeply customized automation system and Laravel-based web application for department data & process management. It is integrated system software that streamlines workflows across several departments. Moreover, automation solutions comprise dashboards for cutting, molding, stitching, and many departments. Also, system solutions like manufacturing scheduler, employee shift manager, role & task manager, and workflow management software digitally empower every department & process of the production plant. Besides, automated email notification updates managers and employees to get real-time information access related to important issues.

Value Delivered

The automation solution boosted company production by up to 40% and increased employee productivity by 2X. Also, it helped our client to match product deadlines, prevent overhauls, and gain better transparency of manufacturing data & roles. It also helped company employees to get more clarity on KPIs, job roles, and responsibilities.

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