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Sales Process Transformation for a Leading Electronics Brand

Project Highlights

The global electronics giant wanted to transform its sales processes. With the competitors stepping up their digital strategy, Philips was facing intense pressure to upgrade its tech ecosystem. We build a custom solution that automates repetitive tasks in the sales process. We also integrated next-gen eCommerce capabilities enabling the brand to boost online sales and streamline inventory management. However, more automation and customization were required to deal with everyday internal operations.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

The major challenge for the client was the low levels of sales productivity. They had a numerous issue with repetitive data entry errors. The client also faced problems due to a very long lead time. The coordination between various teams was poor. Managers needed a complete transparency into the work of executives to boost productivity. Moreover, team management and reporting were quite inefficient for tracking overall ROI. The company needed a robust solution that provided them real-time access to executive work, ongoing activities, lead funnels, and sales. Besides, the company’s data was scattered across different channels, which made access difficult.

Technology Solution

Based on the discussion with the client, we developed a simple, easy to use, secure, powerful automation solution. The solution helped sales executives to digitize the complete process, and the stakeholders can easily track all the sales personnel’s activities in real-time. The automation of sales reporting helps to integrate the client’s information with the system. The platform is extremely useful for the sales managers as they allow tracking the activities of field team using real-time tracking feature.

Value Delivered

Our team successfully delivered an efficient and faster sales process automation solution with eCommerce capabilities. The client can easily record, monitor, and manage sales data from multiple sources. The client was able to perform deep level of monitoring and automation. The application is user-friendly and mobile-responsive, which means managers and sales executives can access data on the go. The solution enabled the organization to manage teams, improve workflow, and gain more productivity. The company reported visible improvement in sales workflows, including lead nurturing and conversions.

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