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System Modernization: Microsoft Access to SQL Server Migration

Project Highlights

Our client is a leading retail company specializing in electronic products. They grew into the top online retailer in Western Europe, with a marketplace featuring over a million products. The company attracts around 5 million visitors on yearly basis, with 61% of them are returning customers. But while the business evolved, the company’s technology stack became outdated and faced challenges with operational growth and customers’ demands. It was an annoying situation, limiting the sales and detracting from the customer experience. The existing MS Access was outdated and the storage was growing rapidly, slowing down performance. It’s no wonder that client consulted OrangeMantra to migrate their platform to SQL server.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

The company had collaborated earlier with an organization to create a MS Access database for keeping record of customer, order, and sales data. But over time it became clear that the database was not behaving properly, as the data was getting corrupted. The reason of this corruption was the presence of an inefficient file-share connection for remote access of the database.

As a result of the corrupted MS Access database, the client had to restore the database multiple times a week. This meant that data stored since the last backup was lost, and at the time of restore access was denied. And this contributed to the company losing a huge sum of money on daily basis.

Technology Solution

OrangeMantra provided a much-needed fresh look to client’s database design and enterprise architecture. Our primary goal was to carry out a deep analysis of the client’s systems and processes. The cause of corruption, we determined, was the file-share connection used to remotely interact with the database. We addressed this issue by adding a new router that supported a virtual private network (VPN). With a stable VPN, this solved the connectivity and security issues.

Moreover, we proposed migration of the company database to an enterprise-grade SQL Server. By keeping the MS Access as the interface for the new database, we focused on keeping the same user experience. This ensured full adoption and lowered the operational cost.

Value Delivered

Our team migrated MS Access to Microsoft SQL Server as part of the application modernization. This assisted client to take advantage of the latest technology significantly increasing performance and security features. Automation helped with efficiently management of the log and data files. Our team proposed complete automation to many manual processes. To make optimum use of the automation lots of reports need to be standardized, this helped with management of everything with the tool, saving over 2 hours a day. Thanks to our association with the client, both the performance, scalability, and user experience improved.

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