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WordPress Powered Website Development for a Gabon Based Particle Board Maker

Project Highlights

Our client, Nature panels is owned by Tropical Forests Products SUARL, which manufactures and supplies particle boards for professional shopfitters, furniture manufacturers, resellers, tradesmen, and artisans. Their team team is involved in the sustainable transformation of wood varieties. They collect wood residue from different locations, which is later mixed with Ultra-Low Emitting Formaldehyde (ULEF) resin to build A-class durable particle board. Being a successful venture, they need a digital platform to promote their services and market their work. With years of diverse experience in the website design & development domain, OrangeMantra was a good fit.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

After a period of significant growth, Nature Panles found that they need a website platform to scale their business. We were selected as their website design and development partner, to build them a WordPress website. This would solve their challenges, and scale automatically as their business continue to grow. The website needed to better represent their brand, easily scale, and focus on user interface, especially for mobile platforms. We needed to deliver a smooth, secure experience across devices, and an easier backend for the team to manage and update content.

Technology Solution

Our website development strategy allows us to delve into client requirements, and present the best structure for the website. We connected with all key decision-makers to understand their website goals. From the findings of the workshop, we were able to wireframe the key page templates, showing the client where important features would be positioned, and about user journeys. We created high-fidelity designs, showing each of the features. Each of the pages was bespoke designed as per the client guidelines, and shared tool, which allowed them to test the user journeys from every source.

Value Delivered

The website was very well received, winning quality web traffic in the very first month of launch. Client is proud to partner with OrangeMantra as they continue to maintain their website. They are very happy with their website’s design and functionality. They are better able to promote their particle board products and engage prospects. They are also thrilled with their website user interface and continue to partner with us.

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