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Companion Bot Transforms Elderly Healthcare

Explore how we helped a health-tech startup to launch a bot-based service that boosted revenue and elevated brand reputation.
The Objective
A health-tech startup approached us with their idea of a groundbreaking health care service for elderly people. The company wanted to address the widespread healthcare challenges most people experience during old age. objective
The Problem Faced by the Client
The early-stage startup wanted to create automated healthcare services with minimal human involvement. Considering the prevailing shortage of medical care professionals, the startup did not want to rely much on human workers. But they were unable to find a tech partner that could develop a suitable automation solution. challenges
How We Approached the Problems
Having an automation solutions team in place, we promptly responded to the client’s requirement with a realistic proposal. Our team of automation experts, business analysts, and healthcare industry specialists dived into the requirement and came up with a plan. We proposed a voice-based companion bot for elderly people.The prospective clients of the company can converse with the bot. The functionalities of the bot would be focused on the health and happiness of elderly people.
The Solution We Provided
The client’s team like our proposal and asked us to work on the plan. Accordingly, we developed a feature-rich, and easy-to-converse bot that takes care of its users’ healthcare-related needs. The bot keeps track of the user’s health-related activities, medication routine, and doctor’s appointment schedules, etc. It also reminds the user of all these activities. solution Key features of the voice-based bot for elderly healthcare:
  • Follows the user’s health activities like medication routine, exercise time, doctor’s appointment, etc.
  • Reminds the user about activities according to the type and number of reminders chosen by the user.
  • Speaks with the user by responding to their voice and answer the user’s questions.
  • Enable caregivers to see the user’s task history and health activities.
  • Provides analytics and insights into the user’s engagement.
The Results
After we delivered the elderly care bot, the client launched its planned automated healthcare services. The uniqueness and attractive features of the bot helped the services quickly become a success.
  • The health technology startup acquired a large customer base for the bot-based service.
  • Business revenue increased by 32% due to the new service.
  • The bot became immensely popular among elderly people in the client’s target market.
  • The brand image of the company strengthened, and it created a reputation as an innovation-driven company.