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Building Ecom Express’s DIY Customer Onboarding Solution

The Story

Our client, Ecom Express, is one of India’s fastest-growing logistics companies. It offers end-to-end tech-enabled logistics solutions to the bustling eCommerce industry. Headquartered in Gurugram, India, the company has shown remarkable growth and expansion across the country since its founding in 2012. They were looking to build a seamless onboarding process for shippers, including big corporations, SMEs, and individual customers. OrangeMantra digitizes its legacy system for the onboarding process, including documentation.

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The logistics company was using a legacy system to manage the onboarding process. The company lacks a streamlined database of eCommerce operators and shippers. Restrictions were present for shippers, like seamless UI and reliability of the database for authentication. Lack of data security was also a big challenge for the client before the solution.


OrangeMantra enabled a fully digital onboarding for eCommerce operators and other shippers. Our DIY customer onboarding solution transforms the way traditional logistics service providers manage their operations. Be it relying on a comprehensive database or automating most manual steps – digital innovation is central to the solution. The creation of a repository and fast-tracking of customer onboarding were the key features integrated. The digital onboarding system created secure and validated user access leveraging multiple APIs with government-enabled sites. It helps them authenticate the user details and have them successfully aboard.


Following the deployment of the DIY customer onboarding solution, Ecom Express was able to offer a user-friendly, intuitive customer experience for all kinds of shipping requirements. With the solution in place, the company efficiently minimized resources, travel costs, and other expenses associated with onboarding. It also helped Ecom reach out to different business owners in tier 1, 2, and 3 cities.

The DIY solutions significantly improved productivity by reducing the efforts that go into the onboarding process of every shipper. Customer onboarding processes, which involved in-person documentation earlier, now take just 7-8 mins. In addition, a mirror portal is available that connects customers with sales managers if the user gets stuck in any step during onboarding.