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The Story

Our client is Australia’s leading commercial and residential property developer. They have a clear vision that successfully combine the disciplines of construction, development, and investment. The company decided to step up with value-added services for their customers. Additionally, rapid business growth prompted our client to invest in smart home solution for streamlined management of home appliances and electricity consumption. As our client was looking for a reliable technological partner with broad expertise in smart home application development, OrangeMantra was an excellent choice to meet their needs.


The company had already invested in different mobile apps, but they were complicated to use, with layers of information overloading. The user often found themselves lost, resulting into minimum user-engagement, which meant less people were using their smart home app. Faced with serious time constraints and a shortage of qualified specialists, our client started looking to contract with reliable smart home solution partner.

The Solution

We understood the information architecture of the app and found out how it will help the users. We deployed a human-centric approach to design and used powerful IoT technologies. This resulted into building tech-enabled electricity management and home appliances controlling solutions for the entire house. This resulted in an immersive user experience, more engagement, and more control. IoT systems allow building owners to track and control all systems in a building using a smart home app.

To provide timely and quality services, we gathered a team of mobile app developers who focused in developing a minimum viable product (MVP) from scratch. To meet the company’s most persistent need, the MVP focuses on optimizing next-gen app features, loading speed and security standards. OrangeMantra engineers have also developed, maintained, strengthened, and improved the microservices architecture of the smart home application.

The Results

Our team has been serving client since the very early stages of the project, helping them address all legacy challenges. Powered by an extensive set of tools and IoT connectivity, the smart home app makes our client’s buildings smarter, more sustainable, and more attractive to investors. The end-users have been completely satisfied with the smart home solution and the app features integrated so far. They can manage home appliances remotely and even control the electricity consumption. The solution also enables the efficient use of electricity resulting in low consumption.

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