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Our client was in search of a technology partner with appropriate development capabilities who could create software for their systems. The brand has been serving as an innovation hub for business organizations across the globe, bringing groundbreaking solutions to established and startups. Their goal was to build an IoT-enabled predictive maintenance solution for industrial equipment to address malfunctions and unplanned downtime.

Predictive Maintenance

The core challenge was to build solution for all equipment failures, including minor operational interruptions. Even slight deviation from specifications causes lengthy production stalls, immense financial and resource losses. These challenges become more severe by outdated and expired solutions, which require predictive maintenance services.

With strong expertise in IoT development, proactive thinking approach, and the ability to build a product from scratch, OrangeMantra was the perfect fit for this project. Our portfolio of IoT solutions and experience in implementing predictive maintenance convinced our client to partner with us.


Our cooperation started from a discovery phase driven by OrangeMantra core team. After conducting workshop with the client, we performed deep user research. Our research was focused on the end user experience and gave us an understanding of challenges experienced by client.

We went with an open source IoT platform that provides critical user management functionality and is properly optimized. During the project, IoT developers customized the platform for our client’s needs by reworking most of its components.

We built the design and architecture of the system from scratch, developed a proof of concept and prototype, tested the product on end users, and pivoted it based on user feedback and insights from senior management.


With a combination of IoT and advanced technology expertise, OrangeMantra has become a key partner of our client’s predictive maintenance platform. Keeping client needs in mind, our team has delivered a scalable IoT-powered solution.

The platform ensures no equipment down time and has the feature to transform asset maintenance and management. Our solution helped client improve their market impact by lowering operational cost, revenue, and ultimate value to customers.

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