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Mini Klub is one of the largest and most popular brands for newborn & kids products. Being a brand focused on kids’ products, they emphasize every small detail to maximize every moment of childhood. They already had an online store built on the Magento 1 platform. But the brand needed more evolved features amid intensifying competition. The company was looking for a reliable technological partner to upgrade its eCommerce operation.

Mini klub

Pieces of information, including customer base data, product data, and sales & inventory data, which were on their previous website, needed to be migrated as well. Additionally, there were some security issues and no official support which they were experiencing with Magento 1. eCommerce operations were facing some hurdles due to an excessive load of data from multiple sources. It resulted in sluggish website loading speed. The overall process of searching, selecting, and buying the product is slow and irritating. Along with slow checkouts, customers couldn’t resize the image to check the product thoroughly.


After a thorough analysis of the client’s requirements, we prepared a step-by-step plan to meet the requirements and eliminate the challenges. The planned roadmap comprised a compilation of resources, performing database backup, identifying existing loopholes, and security patches, and listing out the content for migration while developing the website. We changed the design and layout of the website according to current trends for better user experience and personalized shopping. We worked on high-end servers to ensure secure migration of all data and removal of unused data making the website sluggish.


After completing the Magento 2 migration, we met all the requirements and expectations in terms of features. The Magento 2 storefront looks engaging and elegant making products stand out. Moreover, the checkout process and page speed are fast with significant improvement in user experience. Apart from it, the new Magento 2 website is less “technical”, very user-friendly, secure, and easier to manage than Magento 1’s. After migrating to Magento 2, Mini noticed an increase in average orders per day and the average order value increase. With a responsive digital presence and responsive UI, it also significantly increased customer engagement.

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