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Our client, is one of the world’s renowned tobacco companies. Headquartered in New York, they have a workforce of over 70K. They are doing extensive research to replace cigarettes with smoke-free, eco-friendly products . Being a massive organization, they hire nearly 1500 new employees annually. They needed a web-based learning solution to give employees proper training regarding their role, responsibilities, work culture, business strategy and support. They partnered with OrangeMantra to build a solution that would facilitate their requirement to provide interactive training to employees with optimized performance.

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With such a staggering annual hiring and staff training, it’s a challenge for the client to get new people feeling part of the business as quickly as possible. The client needed a web-based platform that enable interactive learning sessions for the employees of different departments. When looking through Learning Management Systems (LMS) they were integrated with immense complexity and multitude of features that they would never require. The main objective of the LMS is to get the employee through a set of training sessions that range from the basic to advanced, with tracking progress.


The Learning Management System (LMS), was designed by OrangeMantra team to organize, deploy, and track web-based training content. OrangeMantra’s solution managed web-based training, build training courses, enrolled employees in courses, and tracked employee’s progress through courses and online tests. The LMS allowed trainers and employees to manage the training sessions. Employees, based on their rights, could create different set of questions to get addressed by trainers. Besides, trainers could access the detailed report for specific users who appeared for the test within a given time period.


With the custom solution in place, both trainers and trainees got enhanced accessibility. Improved assessment of learning effectiveness through integrated assessments, assignments, and recorded sessions made training more effective. User-focused features enabled consistency in training data management, superior UX, and overall increase in trainee engagement.

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