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Providing Tech Talents to an Award-Winning Banking-Solutions Company

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Our client is one of the most reputed digital providers of applications and innovative solutions for banks and corporates in the UK. Middleware solutions, community banking solutions, and cloud-based solutions are some of their top offerings. Having expertise in software like cash management automation, they wanted to ramp up offerings. Their banking solutions are recognized as one of the world’s most innovative ones, disrupting the conventional banking sector with new customer-focused services. On the lookout for an experienced technology partner, they contacted OrangeMantra about collaboration on banking-automation products and staff augmentation services in terms of Angular developers.

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Our client has a large community of users in corporations and banking institutions. Every community member uses our client’s payment services and cash management. In anticipation of a rapid surge for new services and custom solutions from their end customers, our client needed to maximize their payment automation process.


Within the first months of our collaboration, our team started customizing the banking platform and tailoring solutions to meet the automation needs. First, we integrated a solution to ease cash management and automate bank statements. We also customized two-factor authentication processes for payouts and set up the critical settlement process. It bolsters the security of payments via Digital Enablement Service, which manages, generates, and provisions digital payment credentials to mobile devices. OrangeMantra also implemented an advanced authorization feature for an additional security dimension to contactless payments. In addition, we’ve also built a QA process to ensure the newly developed banking automation solution works faultlessly and offers a positive user experience.


The secure payment technology-powered solution was successfully released and accepted by end customers. Our team is currently collaborating on extending project capacity to integrate advanced features and customization requests. By diversifying our client’s banking automation portfolio, we’re helping to increase their competitiveness in the dynamic finance industry. Besides, the platform offers contactless payments available at thousands of merchants across the UK. Our team enabled transactions by phone even when offline, thanks to advance authorization features in the mobile device. And that’s not all: advanced fraud protection and elimination of human interference for backend operations with automation features are reshaping banking.

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