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      Tech-driven, hygienic restaurant experience with contactless dining apps

      The restaurant industry is more technology-dependent than ever. Be it food delivery apps or payment processing solutions, the industry is being reshaped by technology at an overwhelming pace. Contactless dining app development is part of the newfound tech revolution in the restaurant industry. As restaurants struggled just to survive the pandemic-induced lockdowns, technology helped many establishments resume business.

      Contactless dining apps help restaurants to provide a hygienic in-restaurant experience by minimizing human-to-human interaction. Your customers don’t have to interact with waiters anymore. From booking a table to placing an order and making payment, everything can be done with a mobile app.

      We have a team of award-winning app developers and mobile technology specialists to build the perfect app for you. Our experience of working with leading fast food and restaurant chains makes us the right choice for your contactless app development project.

      Dining Apps

      Main Features of Our Contactless Dining App

      We develop contactless dining apps that take care of your patrons’ entire dining experience. From advanced table booking to exploring the menu and placing an order, the app enables everything without any human-to-human contact.

      Online Table Bookin

      Online Table Booking

      Your guests can book a table before arriving at your restaurant. This not just eliminates human interaction but also helps maintains seating capacity.

      QR Code

      QR Code-enabled Check-in

      Using QR code, the guests can check-in after reaching your restaurant and occupying the pre-booked table. This eliminates the need of visiting the counter.

      Pre-ordering Food

      Pre-ordering Food

      Patrons can order food from the comfort of their homes. The restaurant will be notified once they arrive and the order will be served at the table.


      Self-ordering at the Restaurant

      Guests can also prefer to order food once they get seated at the table. Using QR code they can scan food items and place an order without human contact.

      One-tap Payment

      One-tap Payment

      The contactless dining app sends a payment request to the guests after they have received the order. The guest just needs to tap the “pay” button.

      Review & Rating

      Review & Rating

      Feedback is crucial in the restaurant business. The app enables guests to rate their experience. You can respond to reviews and improve services.


      Promotion & Push Notification

      Promote your business with customized content and messaging. You can also send personalized push notifications to engage guests.

      Key Benefits of Developing a Contactless App

      Contactless dining not just restores the trust of customers in restaurant dining, but also enables you to improve customer experience using advanced software technologies.

      Personalized Dining Experience

      Personalized Dining Experience

      Contactless dining apps create a more personalized customer experience, helping you to establish a better brand image.

      Drive Sales & Revenue

      Drive Sales & Revenue

      More food lovers would visit your restaurant if you can ensure them a safe dining experience with minimal human-to-human interaction.

      Improve Dine Out Experience

      Improve Dine Out Experience

      Features like advanced table booking and pre-ordering have the potential to significantly enhance the customer experience.


      Re-marketing & Customer Loyalty

      Create personalized pitching messages, send push notifications about special offers for your guests to build a base of loyal customers.


      Contactless dining enhances health safety by eliminating high-touch elements from a restaurant dining process. These include elements include the physical menu, waiters, ordering, and the payment process. Everything is done digitally using a mobile app.
      The costs of developing a contactless dining app depend on several factors. Design complexity, development time, type of features, etc. play an important role in calculating the costs. OrangeMantra makes feature-rich contactless dining apps at a competitive price.
      There’s no predefined time for developing a contactless dining app. It varies widely depending on the features of the app and its design. The best way to know an estimated time is to consult development experts. We build contactless dining apps in the shortest development time possible.