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De-Fi Development Solutions – The Future of Finance

Decentralized Finance or DeFi takes full advantage of decentralized networks to transform financial applications into permissionless and fully transparent self-executing protocols that do not require governance of any intermediary. DeFi can be described as an open finance movement to build a financial system that can be accessed by anyone across the globe, eliminating the dependency on central authorities. Various technologies such as Blockchain, Cryptography, and Smart Contracts have opened gates for this reliable financial solution – Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Thus seek our De-Fi Development services and become a part of the global revolution.

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Leading De-Fi Development Company with a Result-Oriented Approach

As a trusted DeFi development company, we deliver unmatched Decentralized Finance Development Services that include everything from DeFi tokens to DeFi cryptocurrency coins to DeFi crypto exchange, to DeFi smart contract development. Our team of blockchain experts holds strong expertise in all the elements of the ledger. We have catered to numerous enterprises with our unrivaled DeFi development solutions that give them a competitive edge in their respective industries.

We, at Orange Mantra, not only believe in providing quality services but also in passing on the true attributes of the DeFi technology to our global clients. This is what makes us a premier destination for Decentralized Finance development services. To make DeFi the central mechanism for your organization, our team ensures that all components work optimally and as expected.

Our DeFi mavens also deliver the most impactful and dependable solutions tailored to meet the clients’ demands. Over two decades, we have gained strong expertise to implement any kind of changes that bring in more profits for our clients. Unleash the full potential of the DeFi technology to keep your business venture ahead of your competitors.

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De-Fi Development Services We Offer?

Empower Financial Transparency in Your Business with our impeccable De-Fi Development Solutions.

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De-Fi Token Development

We create DeFi tokens keeping the protocols in mind to overcome any hurdle in distribution, selling, or buying. After receiving the desired results, you need to be prepared for quick action in trading and get the De-Fi ecosystem secured for all the feasible tasks. We build native De-Fi tokens to help you become more popular in the DeFi ecosystem.

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De-Fi Wallet Development

As an experienced DeFi development company, we offer non-custodial and key-based De-Fi wallet development services to enable users to access and secure their data without depending on potentially risky third parties.

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De-Fi Exchange Development

Decentralized Exchanges provide a way for the exchange and trade of cryptocurrencies and tokens without any involvement of a central authority. De-Fi exchanges offer many benefits to the global financial economy with the ease of De-Fi Lending/Borrowing, De-Fi Tokens, De-Fi Yield Farming, De-Fi Liquidity Mining, and many more which is making them more popular.

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De-Fi DApp Development

As a well-established De-Fi development company, we deliver best-in-class De-Fi DApp development services that eliminate the involvement of third parties. We build and deploy brilliant Decentralized Applications for your financial business and operations. Our DApps are built based on the De-Fi protocols to provide greater transparency and security.

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Decentralized Fund Management

De-Fi ensures more transparent collaboration between fund managers and users. The De-Fi fund management system automates the ledger of transactions to go public with smart contracts. Partner with us to build a highly secure and automated Decentralized fund management system for users and fund managers.

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De-Fi Staking Development

De-Fi Staking is a process in which assets will be staked and passive income will be generated. The reward is calculated based on assets, duration of staking, and rate of the network insurance. De-Fi Staking involves a deep understanding of the significance of the financial system’s requirements to ensure risk-free high-end security. We offer professional De-Fi development solutions in this financial revolution to generate more income.

OrangeMantra Feature Success Stories

Witness how we make our clients gain a competitive edge in the cluttered De-Fi ecosystem.

Impeccable Front-end development for a mobile Bitcoin wallet for a Fintech Company

Our client is a fintech company that builds user-centric software products for users by keeping the thought of making their finances simply manageable. They are standing behind their competitor due to the absence of their digital platform. Thus, they are looking for a mobile banking app for people through which they can effortlessly manage their cryptocurrency. They already have a Cordova-based blockchain wallet but needs a lot of alterations. They are seeking front-end development to enhance the same. They came to us and asked for Team Augmentation along with a JavaScript Developer. Our team built a stable and robust mobile wallet app to easily manage bitcoins.

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Safe and rigid crypto payment APIs for the leading digital entertainment portal

We came across a client this time who is a leader in the industry of providing innovative digital entertainment platforms to users. Our client is facing the issue that their offered solutions don’t support online payments in crypto. The client is offering too many options to complete the payment of subscription and fee but decided to introduce crypto as well due to its popularity. OrangeMantra came here in the game and with our De-Fi Development services, we created a secure API for them to ensure seamless crypto transactions. With this incorporation, they gained more visibility and witnessed an instant thrust in their sales.

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Enhancing the performance of a Tokenization service provider through Web Application Penetration testing

The customer is a fintech company that mainly focuses on De-Fi tokenization services. They provide digital solutions to their users for tokenizing digital or physical assets. The client is seeking for phenomenal and error-free testing services to check their two new web apps that assist users create and manage tokenized securities. They don’t have any experts for the same in their team thus looking for an expert to gain web application penetration testing. Our team helped them with this by following the black box testing method. We tried to identify any loophole to cover all the flaws before it goes live. With this, our client enhances their web application by fixing overall problems and performing the necessary changes. It makes them deploy the new apps to make their entire business more robust and appealing.

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Perks of seeking our Exceptional De-Fi development services

Our team will provide you with top-notch De-Fi development solutions to unlock every bit of it effectively and bring benefits to your business. See what are those perks in detail.

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Maximum Security

No need to worry when our team takes care of your project. We deploy peer-to-peer platforms that allow plenty of operational features to remain active at the same time without compromising the security even a bit. Our team knows what is the value of data for a company.

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Transparent protocols

De-Fi exchange platforms do not have a central data storage facility as they operate on their own without any mediate force. Thus, customers have complete control over their data with their data through a transparent and reliable mechanism.

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Increased Control

All the assets of every user are accumulated in a no-custodial wallet enabling them the privilege of great autonomy and control over the entire assets without any hindrance.

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Pseudonymous Transactions

Due to the open ecosystem, a distributed ledger ensures that the transactions must remain anonymous and the identity of the same will remain disclosed in the favor of the user.

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No-Third Party Interruption

By seeking Decentralized Finance Development services from our side, you can gain a smart application that doesn’t have any third party as it will remain under your control. Along with this, it reduces the transaction fees on your platform making it more preferable for all the users.

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The foremost benefit that you will attain after the deployment of smart contracts is that the entire DEX software will refined with the feature of automation. With this, transactions become successful in no time and everything gets done with no presence of any error.

Technical Stack We leverage for De-Fi Development Solutions

We, along with our bag full of technical tools excel at offering reliable, scalable, and efficient solutions globally. Know what is included in our technical stack.

  • Languages

  • SoliditySolidity
  • RustNodeJs
  • NLPPython
  • DeFiRust
  • FlutterJava
  • Tools

  • Web3.jsTruffle
  • Truffle SuiteRemix
  • GitHubHardhat
  • DeFi ProtocolsOpenZeppelin
  • JavaChainlink
  • Frameworks

  • Truffle FrameworkEther.js
  • OpenZeppelin Framework Slither
  • React.js Drizzle
  • Flask and DjangoEmbark
  • ZeplinScaffold-ETH
  • Databases

  • RDBMSOrbitDB
  • NoSQL DatabasesArweave
  • Ethereum Blockchain as a DatabaseBigchainDB
  • Graph DatabasesIPFS
  • Azure SQL databaseBlockchain

Other Blockchain Solutions Which We Offer

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Blockchain Development Solutions

At OrangeMantra, we stand at the forefront of the rapidly evolving landscape of decentralized finance (DeFi). Our commitment extends to providing exemplary Blockchain Development services that empower businesses to navigate and capitalize on the transformative potential of decentralized financial ecosystems.

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ICO Development

We, at OrangeMantra offer a comprehensive range of ICO development services that include ideation, the conceptualization of the token design, and token development to our customers. We specifically take care of maintaining the quality of the ICO development projects.

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IEO Development

Our Initial Exchange Offering or IEO development services assist startup organizations in raising their funds by selling digital tokens through cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Our team of experts put their efforts into designing tokes that can be seamlessly run through the exchange platforms.

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Cryptocurrency wallet development services

We offer a smooth process of cryptocurrency wallet development services to streamline your cryptocurrency transactions. Through our cryptocurrency wallet development services, tracking of the encrypted information will be easier.

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STO Development Services

Our Security Token Development Services process is specifically customized to your company's needs. We carefully understand the exact project requirements and then analyze almost every aspect of what STO solution could be implemented. As almost all of our tokes are crafted in compliance with the SEC guidelines, there is much less chance of revisions on finally delivered projects.

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NFT Development Services

We offer NFT development services for launching software that enables the creation of blockchain-based non-fungible tokens. It also helps you scale up these tokens that are baked by physical or digital assets. Our NFT development services will upscale your business through the creation of blockchain-based non-fungible tokens.

Industries we cater to with our Decentralized Finance

Leveraging our commendable De-Fi Development services to businesses not limited to one domain to make them scale their business in the financial realm to newer heights. Look to which industries we expand our De-Fi services.

De-Fi Development Process: OrangeMantra Can Help You Build Your Vision

OrangeMantra, as a leading De-Fi development company, offers scratch-to-end De-Fi solutions for your business needs. Take a look at how we proceed with our process.

  • Finding


    Here, we try to gain an idea in-depth about business goals, requirements, and bottlenecks. It helps us understand the current workflow and future objectives.

  • Define

    Strategy and Design

    Once gathering data about your requirements, we begin with designing, prototyping, and performing user testing of your platform and product.

  •  Process Design


    In this stage, we start to develop by programming and coding based on design. Our development takes place in 3 stages i.e., Alpha, Beta, and Release Phase.

  •  Process Development


    After development, we carry out rigorous QA testing for each segment of the product to ensure that the final product will not have any issues.

  • Dеvеlopmеnt

    Launch & Maintenance

    If we receive a green flag in testing, we publish the product to go live. Our team will take great care of the Cloud along with on-premise hosting.

  • maintainence support

    Customer service

    We didn’t leave our client only after the deployment as we performed maintenance and optimization and are always ready to provide support whenever needed.

Ready to transform your finances with De-Fi? Reach out to us and seek our De-Fi Development Services today!

Why Choose OrangeMantra as your De-Fi Development Company?

By hiring OrangeMantra as your De-Fi Development Company, you rely on a team of well-versed developers and finance professionals. Get a clear understanding of why you should choose us.

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Frequently Asked Question

A Well-known De-Fi development company offers a plethora of services under this De-Fi segment and these are smart contract development, De-Fi platform development, token creation, De-Fi protocol development, auditing, and consulting.

Hiring a De-Fi Development company provides you with the assurance that you have access to the expertise in the De-Fi ecosystem every time and awareness of emerging latest trends. They can help you stay ahead of the market by building safe and efficient De-Fi solutions satisfying the business needs of the company.

The time taken to develop and deploy a De-Fi-based platform varies from project to project based on the business model and requirements of clients.

The overall cost of developing a De-Fi-based project largely depends on the requirements and the nature of the business. Hence, the costs vary from project to project.

Yes. We offer the privilege to hire dedicated De-Fi development teams for your project.

Unleash the Potential of Decentralized Finance to Uplift Your Business Now with Our Top-notch De-Fi Development Services