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Our AI and Machine Learning Software Solution and Optimization of Your Business


Autonomous Driving Solutions

Seek our automotive AI and ML solutions to enhance your vehicle’s functionality with features like perceiving the surroundings, calling out real-time decisions, and navigation with safety at par. On the other side, through our machine learning software, we gain a vast amount of data through sensors, cameras, and radars to give a seamless experience to users while driving.


Predictive Maintenance

Our team of experts offers you phenomenal predictive maintenance solutions laden with machine-learning automotive software to anticipate any potential issues before their occurrence. This approach of Orangemantra reduces downtime, decreases maintenance costs, and increases the overall reliability of vehicles.


Optimization of the Supply Chain

Orangemantra Automotive AI and ML solutions optimize the supply chain process with AI-included forecasting, demand planning, and inventory management. We along with our experts analyze the data and study the market trends to streamline your supply chain, minimize the delay, and reduce the cost of manufacturing.


Quality Control & Defect Detection

Leveraging AI and machine learning software solutions, Orangemantra provides quality control solutions to identify defects in the manufacturing process. It ensures that only the high-quality product will come out in the market improving brand reputation, customer satisfaction, and reliability.


Energy Efficiency Solutions

Orangemantra’s, an AI Automotive software company develops AI Automotive software solutions to check the level of energy consumed by e-vehicles. It comprises of Intelligent energy management system, battery performance enhancement, and range prediction algorithms to refine the efficiency of electric vehicles.


Escalation of User Experience

Our company has a team of proficient AI geeks who always try to augment the overall user experience by executing AI-driven features like personalized recommendations, voice recognition systems, and smart infotainment. It all makes the driving experience for the user more seamless and enjoyable.

AI and Machine Learning Software: A New Paradigm of Smart Vehicles

We are known for our Automotive AI and ML Solutions because we cater to your business demands and needs to raise productivity without compromising quality.

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Why Orangemantra is Ideal for Automotive AI and ML solutions?

Our vision is to fulfill your needs with our customized AI and Machine Learning Software solutions. Don’t wait to be a part of this new smart realm of automobiles, gain solutions today to become the forerunner of this industry.


Innovation at the Core

Stay always at the top or stand out of the clutter as our team of AI and ML experts always looks out to put innovation in every one of their solutions. We ensure that with our eminent solutions, we surely drive the automobile industry to a new paradigm.


Advanced Technology Stack

Capture the power of AI and Machine Learning Software solutions offered by Orangemantra to take a step ahead with your business. Our solutions are laden with top-notch algorithms, advanced analytics, and real-time data analysis to guarantee the ideal performance and functionality.


Customer-Centric Approach

Your success or satisfaction is our primary goal or aim. Thus, we adopted or followed a customer-centric approach. We try hard to first get a vivid understanding of your business needs or objectives to deliver efficient solutions to not only meet the expectations but also to go beyond that.


Adaptive solution with Future-Trends

Embrace the future without any worry as you already partnered with Orangemantra for automotive AI and ML solutions. Our solutions are adaptive and scalable ensuring that your investment won’t pinch you at all in the future when the automotive industry is opening its limits.


Customized Solutions as per Need

Our Automotive AI and ML solutions are not something that goes well with all of your business needs. We work in close collaboration with our clients to gain an idea of what there are requirements. Then we proceed with providing customized solutions to satisfy their needs and demands.


In-depth knowledge of the Industry

We are well versed with deep knowledge or expertise in providing Automotive AI and ML solutions. Our focus is to provide you with solutions that can escalate your business performance in evolving the entire automotive industry.

Some Glimpses of our Success in Automotive AI and ML Solutions

Google Cloud and AI software solution to determine life of e-vehicle batteries to enhance their performance Our client is a reputed name in the automotive industry as the largest manufacturer. Their problem is with their e-vehicles that they can’t be able to monitor the battery life. Orangemantra understands the problem and come forward with Machine machine-learning automotive software solutions to tackle this. Along with this, we merge a Google Cloud platform that reduces the time of processing of machine learning algorithms. With this, it becomes easier to trace the battery life of e-vehicles for better usage and accuracy. It increases their sales in the market along with their overall efficiency.

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Usage of Predictive Analysis for Automotive for Improved Maintenance With the plethora of connected sensors embedded in various vehicle parts, we make it easy for our clients to make well-informed decisions and point out how to solve all the emerging problems before they affect the main nerve. We devised an AI automotive software solution for them to infuse in their vehicles to give users an experience that they can’t think of. For instance, smart sensors alert users about something that is broken or about an oil tank to get it done. It all enhances their brand value and reliability.

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case study

Taking Customer Relationships to the Next Level with our Automotive AI and ML Solutions What we come across at this time is that our client is lacking in building good customer relationships. Thus, our team of experts comes forward with conversational AI to improve the relationship between customers and brands to improve brand loyalty towards their customers. We create AI chatbots that will take care of repetitive actions and mundane tasks like scheduling test drives, answering their queries, helping them in choosing the right vehicle for themselves, etc. It will enhance their brand visibility and people will love to prefer the same brand when they look forward to having a new vehicle.

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case study

Brands Who Knock Our Door for Automotive AI and ML Solutions

  • IKEA
  • MAhindra
  • Panasonic
  • TVS
  • Hero
  • AND
  • BMW
  • Relaxo
  • Relaxo

Drive Your Business Towards Growth Like AI and ML are Driving the Automotive Industry Into a New Realm

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Our Tech Stack for Top-Notch Automotive AI and ML Solutions

  • Tools

  • PostgreSQL  TensorFlow
  • MySQL   Keras
  • PyTorch
  • Oracle AutoML
  • Oracle Scikit-learn
  • Technologies

  • JavaNatural Language Processing
  • C Sensor Fusion
  • Computer VisionComputer Vision
  • Deep LearningDeep Learning
  • Predictive AnalysisPredictive Analysis
  • Frameworks

  • Microsoft Azure  ROS (Robot Operating System)
  • Apollo  Apollo
  • AutowareAutoware
  • OpenpilotOpenpilot
  • PaddlePaddlePaddle
  • Languages

  • Microsoft Azure  Scala
  • JuliaJulia
  • Google Cloud  C++
  • JuliaCUDA
  • IBM Cloud Swift

Reshape the Future of Vehicles with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Rely on Orangemantra for Automotive AI and ML solutions to uplift your business to new heights!

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Astounding Automotive AI and ML Solutions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can hire developers for your team as per your requirements for Automotive AI and ML solutions. These workers are hired to tackle any issue that you are facing or advancing your company. Get them through both ways i.e., on an hour basis or in your team for full time.

AI and ML learning software proved tremendously beneficial for the automobile industry. From Autonomous driving to predictive maintenance, AI along with Machine learning software makes vehicles safer, more efficient, and more convenient.
One way through which Tesla is using AI Automotive Software solutions in their automated cars is by the usage of advanced sensor systems. These sensors make these cars intelligent like cameras, lidar, and radar gathers data regarding the vehicle’s surroundings and road conditions.
AI is used in electric cars for performance optimization. The main use of this technology is to analyze battery usage and how much is left based on factors like speed, acceleration, power consumption, etc.
The future of AI in the automobile domain is highly impactful and has the potential to reform it. AI and ML solutions add more value to the cars leading to advancements like autonomous driving, increased production, collection of data for enhanced road safety, and better user experience. As AI is continually evolving it surely will bring a wave of revolution in the industry of automobile by disrupting all traditional methods and infusing new business models.