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The Technologies of AI and Machine Learning.

The technologies of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are fast making inroads into the automotive industry as the major players aspire to deliver personalized, predictable, and safe autonomous driving experiences. Predictive algorithms empower smart vehicles to see and interpret road environments even better than human drivers. Similarly, AI algorithms enable in-vehicle systems to learn from drivers, other vehicles, infrastructure, and traffic participants. They can even predict the key parameters such as traffic congestion, travel time, and vehicle breakdowns. If you want to invest in innovative automotive solutions that are capable of recognizing road signs and analyzing the patterns of human behavior to enable data-driven decisions on the road, we can help.


In-vehicle Intelligence

Streamlining communication among navigation systems, location platforms, and human machine interfaces to inform drivers about the road situations ahead.


Predictive Decisions

Predicting the road conditions well in advance to make intelligent, data-driven decisions on the based of big data and smart analytics.


Predictive Maintenance

Gathering data from in-vehicle telematics units and using predictive analytics to alert vehicle owners about planned or urgent maintenance needs.


Smart Routing

Enabling a vehicle to intelligently learn the commonly traveled routes and points of interest with the use of AI and ML in automotive.

Why You Can Trust Us As Your Technology Partner

Creating location data platforms

Creating location data platforms

We have experience of working extensively with location data platforms, in addition to managing comprehensive SDKs.

Enabling complex on-road decisions

Enabling complex on-road decisions

Our calculations for route analysis and optimization provide the best routes on the basis of the current traffic conditions.

Providing predictive navigation solutions

Providing predictive navigation solutions

A team of automotive experts with rich experience in smart navigation and predictive analytics algorithms makes us stand apart.

Technologies We leverage

  • c-plus-plus
  • python
  • docker
  • qt
  • qml-dot-net
  • oracle
  • open-gl
  • open-cv
  • adasis
  • kubernetes
  • amazon-aws

AI & Machine Learning:
Making Vehicles Smarter Than Ever


Hands-free driving

With neural networks becoming a smarter alternative to humans behind the wheel, self-driving vehicles are no longer a futuristic vision. Deep learning algorithms enable vehicles to learn how to combat the toughest of road situations and keep the drivers and passengers safe. Brands are investing in AI solutions to automate driving so that drivers can relax behind the wheel. Beyond just automating driving, these systems empower vehicles to react to a large number of sensors in real time. They are capable of deciphering inputs and making wise decisions in real-world situations.

Enhanced safety levels

Although driverless cars promise amazing experience, safety is a critical concern that people have about them. Autonomous vehicle manufacturers need to address these concerns for ensuring that the vehicles offer complete safety on the road. Applications based on machine learning can help vehicles to define obstacles on the road and sideline them for safety. With machine learning algorithms, it becomes possible to create multiple vehicle behavior models that enable the vehicles to recognize and react to surrounding changes. As vehicles make decisions on their own, the probability of human error is eliminated.

Enhanced safety levels
Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance

AI in manufacturing can optimize the way brands handle vehicle maintenance. Also, these vehicles are less likely to breakdown anywhere in the middle of the road because AI and ML predict problems even before they happen. AI-powered systems gather data about the parts of the vehicle, detect anomalies where they exist, and identify the patterns of failure. Further, they process this information and convey to the driver about the potential issues with the vehicle so that they can keep it maintained all the time.

Automotive Brands We Have Served

  • Hero
  • magneti marelli
  • Pitzo
  • Ashoklayland
  • coverking

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