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Enhancing Processes Through Digital Transformation in Automotive Industry

Automotive is the most agile sector in terms of tech-driven innovations and transformations. Be it fully connected driving or next-gen electric cars – the industry is evolving at a dizzying speed. And this automotive digital transformation wave is now sweeping OEMs and auto dealers alike. With the pandemic reshaping transportation models and consumer behaviors, digital is no more a choice in the industry; it’s a must. Multinational automakers and mid-sized dealerships alike are under immense pressure to stay competitive by adopting digital technology.

Digital transformation needs to be at the heart of your automotive business model. At OrangeMantra, we help you chalk out and implement a digital strategy that yields the desired outcomes. Our two-decades-long experience enables us to see the digital transformation from a unique vantage point. Let’s connect and discuss a failure-proof digitization plan for your automotive business.

Custom Solutions Designed to Digitize Automotive Businesses ​

Workflow digitization

Transforming the operating model is one of the first crucial steps in automotive digital transformation. Power up workflows and enhance collaborations by adopting advanced enterprise solutions.

  • Ensure physical-to-digital continuum
  • Sync workflows with customers’ mobility
  • Integrate automation in the value chain
  • Create tech-enabled growth road

Manufacturing automation

With private vehicle ownership on the rise in markets like India, even the top automakers have failed to meet demands. Implement large-scale factory automation to avert production bottlenecks.

  • Robotic process automation for manufacturing
  • AI- and ML-powered factory automation
  • Predictive maintenance to avoid costly disruptions
  • Big data and analytics for informed decisions

Connected vehicles & telematics

Connected vehicles are leading the tech-driven boom in the auto industry. IoT, telematics, and Big Data have changed the way we think of transportation, assisted driving, and traffic safety, among other things.

  • Integrate new tech to redefine value to customers
  • Implement IoT & analytics to enhance driving
  • Use digital tech to improve navigation & security
  • Deploy ML & analytics for predictive maintenance

Autonomous driving software

Self-driving cars are forecast to revolutionize transportation in the coming years. With autonomous vehicles getting better and safer, tech entrepreneurs and startups have immense potential in this sector.

  • Software-based simulation models
  • Vehicle data management solutions
  • Autonomous vehicle safety software
  • Cloud-based navigation systems

Digital showrooms & servicing

Virtual showrooms are going mainstream across the world. With unique benefits like health safety and convenience, consumers and dealers alike are moving online. Top car brands like Hyundai are leading this wave.

  • Digitize automobile dealership and branding
  • Create interactive consumer experiences
  • Boost customer service with AI and chatbots
  • Take care servicing requests online

Electric vehicle solutions

SThe electric future has arrived in the auto industry. From new automakers like Tesla to traditional players such as Ford, every company is launching extensive plans for electric vehicle manufacturing. Join the zeitgeist with innovative solutions!

  • Electric car manufacturing automation
  • Solutions for EV charging stations
  • Digital customer service management
  • Data management & analytics for EVs

Our Portfolio

Automotive solutions have been a driver of innovation since the beginning of our journey as a digital transformation enabler. From making next-gen solutions for the world’s No. 1 two-wheeler manufacturer to integrating telematics and EV solutions, our experience covers a broad spectrum. We’ve pioneered several trends driving digital transformation in the automotive industry in India.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Connected cars are equipped with the Internet (often via IoT solutions). It allows the car to share internet access with other devices both inside and outside the vehicle. Connected vehicles have an array of advantages over traditional vehicles. These vehicles are smarter, safer, and provides real-time data.

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