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Supply Chain Management Solutions

Mitigate risk, bring operational efficiency, and build product supply chain model with superior level IT Solutions.

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Supply Chain Management IT Solutions

The present is the digitally driven world of the economy, where majority of industries are involved in availing smart IT solutions to perform better. The manufacturing industry is no exception from the digitally-driven operations including the interconnected supply chain model. One of the main pillars of the manufacturing model, the supply chain requires optimum regulation using task-oriented software.

What is Supply Chain Management?

Supply Chain Management Software is designed to help companies better manage their product demand in an efficient and cost-effective manner. It encourages possible tracking of the movement of products across diverse positions i.e. from the original source to the factory, warehouse store, customer, and all through the return of disposal.

SCM software helps your product manufacturing enterprise streamline processes, reduce cost from overages, eliminate manufacturing delays, collect data to improve the process and nurture professional relations with suppliers and customers.

We at OrangeMantra is one of the leading supply chain management solutions provider companies have more than two decades of successful experience. We have a prolific team of professionals having vast expertise in supply chain management software development and maintenance.

With our expert technical assistance get a comprehensive suite of tightly integrated supply chain management software. It helps meeting the end-to-end capabilities of your organization that works together and run effectively in the Cloud. Our team of experts can build a multi-platform supply chain management software for your enterprise that is latest in the business technology including many networks.

Our Supply Chain Management Services


We fully understand the relevance of seamless supply chain management operations within and outside boundaries. With us, develop a technically-enabled logistics software to keep a close watch over the movements of transportation, warehouse management, and ensure node to node connectivity.

Supply Chain Planning

Systematically conduct the supply chain management operation using robust, interactive, and user-friendly software. Our expert professionals develop a customized supply chain planning system to let you have a transparent view of operations. Also, stay ahead of the competition by reducing human efforts, declining operational costs, and improving productivity.


Procurement is one of the essentials parts of the supply chain management applications. It helps your enterprise to deal transparently with vendors and supplies using different modes of communication. We provide you with a tech-savvy application also beneficial to ensure smooth payment automation and effective social collaboration.

Stakeholder Collaboration

One of the essential responsibilities of a supply chain management enterprise is to maintain successful collaboration with stakeholders. Here also, we provide an end-to-end solution to maintain a good rapport and favorable relationship with all. We provide you real-time assistance to bridge the gap between you and stakeholders despite having location, time, and cultural differences.

Product Flow

Maintain a streamlined flow of product tracking, movements, and returns using the best product flow management software. We provide you technical assistance to focus on customers preferences and meeting widespread demands. And, that too despite overthinking about the overall flow of the products.

Key Benefits of Supply Chain Management Solutions

Get end-to-end SCM software solutions from us to avail manifold benefits to grow enterprise operations & profit.

Increase Revenue

Our SCM software solutions for your enterprise help you experiencing an increased set of revenue. It is possible by way of following better manufacturing techniques, improve communication across the enterprise, and provide faster solutions to issues. Reduce the downtime of operations and streamlined the same as per the clear view of all the departments. It also helps in faster data sharing and managing smooth customer relationships at large.

Decrease Operational Cost

By implementing SCM software within your enterprise, you tend to find fewer human errors, reduced downtime, low operational cost, decreased labor cost, and improved transportation overheads. Combination of all these factors results in automation of the work process, invoicing, and approval to spend less time on non-productive tasks and make the better product reach the market.

Improve Forecasting & Analytics

The supply chain management software helps you store, aggregate, and analyse every step in the supply chain model. It gives you real-time insights into every single operation remotely to improve the current process and make better decisions ahead.

Meet Regulatory Compliance

Meet the necessary regulatory compliance by storing the data of the manufacturing process, suppliers, and distributer’s behaviour. This transparent flow of storage and information analysis gives you a clear view of the audit process.

Avoid Disruptions

The successful implementation of supply chain management software can help in maintaining the relationship between suppliers, vendors, distributors, and manufacturing plants. It helps enterprises to forecast issues, manage changes, and find emergencies with an instant response and with no distraction at all.

Why Choose Us?

At OrangeManta, we provide you with complete and comprehensive digital support with respect to supply chain management operations. We have a team of professional and certified developers who assist you in creating feature-rich and strategic software to secure and streamline your business operations.

  • We have a strong grasp of the latest supply chain management trends that help to take your operations few notches higher.
  • Our primary focus of supply chain management solutions is to identify the operational glitches and loopholes in your system.
  • We provide you with cost-effective and labor-optimized supply chain management software solutions.
  • Proficient team with skill and experience to accelerate product development.
  • With our technical assistance, get ready to win over customers by offering a smooth delivery of products and gain a competitive advantage over rivals.
  • We take up the responsibility of supply chain management software of your enterprise and let you focus time & energy on other competitive tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

The supply chain management software is a comprehensive tool for organizations to manage the flow of data, products, warehouse management, delivery, relationship with vendors, suppliers, and distributors. On the whole, it is the single best software for the entire supply chain model to handle operations remotely and get a clear view of all the departments.

Top Benefits of Supply Chain Management Software

  • Improve internal operations
  • Raise employees productivity
  • Reduce errors
  • Decrease operational cost
  • Maintain transparency and mobility
  • Improve analysis and forecasting
  • Meet the compliance

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