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Microsoft Dynamic Solutions

Empowering sales automation suite while transforming the business processes with cloud solutions

Our Solutions

At Orange Mantra, we understand that the major features required for developing business management software include flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency. Our solutions help transform operations by giving the organization easy access to the data collected in real-time, enabling businesses to build strong relationships with their consumers and improve their decision-making skills.

Orange Mantra team has the expertise and industry knowledge to assist you in the selection, consultation, and implementation of Microsoft’s range of business management and intelligence software.

Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics is an end-to-end solution that helps organizations break down silos, fuel business growth, and streamline operations. It is one of the most sought services, thanks to its ultimate features which include:

  • Seamless connectivity
  • Extract valuable insights from data
  • Shorten sales cycle
  • Enhance social engagement
  • Improve customer service
  • Easy deployment and scalability
  • Enhanced ROI

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Our CRM experts help enterprises embrace automation from Microsoft for every manual process to enhance their efficiency and productivity. The benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 include:

  • Security: Dynamic 365 is a cloud-based solution that offers robust security and user access controls.
  • Accessibility: It offers fast, easy, real-time access to all the organization’s solutions, files, and data irrespective of the location of your device.
  • Scalability: The dynamic 365 solutions are based on a monthly subscription model, encouraging businesses to scale up or down.
  • Multiple Apps: Dynamic 365 offers a variety of purpose-built applications to help organizations manage their day-to-day organizations.

Want to know more about Microsoft Dynamics 365? We are here to assist you.

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