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We Cater Account-Based Marketing Solutions For B2B Enterprises

Account-based marketing is the innovative marketing strategy that helps B2B businesses to explore their target accounts in a more effective manner. The concept revolves around identifying and defining a set of target accounts and designing personalized campaigns that specifically target these accounts. The thought behind ABM is to focus all the efforts and budget only on those accounts which have the maximum revenue-generating potential. The strategy is capable of driving an increased Return on Investment (RoI) from a specific client. Not only does it create abundant opportunities for a business, but also enables it to win over new clients as well as retain the existing ones.

At Orange Mantra, we are a reliable account based marketing agency that provides a complete range of services for B2B enterprises. Our experts create comprehensive ABM solutions that nurture client relationships by understanding their needs and delivering perfectly-matched solutions. With our unparalleled ABM expertise, we help you track the most productive accounts and optimize campaigns to reach out to them so that you earn high ROI for your business.

We Offer Comprehensive B2B Account Based Marketing Solutions:

High-Value Accounts Identification
Being a targeted marketing approach, ABM is based on the identification of high-value business accounts for the business. We apply innovative business intelligence technologies to prioritize high-value accounts. Accounts refer to companies and not individuals, with each account being treated as the market of one. To identify these key accounts, we use firmographic data such as the industry, company size, its revenue, location, the market influence, and expected profit margin.
Targeted Account Research
Once the targeted accounts have been identified, they have to be well-researched to know all about the people who are the actual decision-makers. We carry out an extensive research on your target accounts and gather detailed information about their key influencers. The purpose of the research is to create a content strategy that targets these critical players in an effective manner.
Personalized Content
Content is the core of an effective ABM initiative because it is the parameter that influences these accounts to materialize as customers. At Orange Mantra, we employ valuable and relevant content that drives the target accounts by addressing specific challenges faced by them. We make sure that the content is personalized and compelling enough to influence the account-based targets.
Optimal Channels
A business may have great content for its targeted accounts but it is of no use unless it reaches them via the right channels. Our ABM experts leverage diverse channels such as mobile, web, and email to communicate with the target accounts. We evaluate the efficacy of each channel for the client’s industry to decide the optimal mix for an effective account based marketing strategy.
Targeted Campaign
A targeted ABM campaign is built out on specifics and communicates personalized content to the specific accounts through the chosen channels. We have a team of expert marketers to handle all the complexities of your account-based campaign and run it successfully. We use the latest technologies to make sure that the right messages are delivered to the right accounts via the right channels.
Review And Reporting
It is important to review the ABM marketing campaign to evaluate its performance as well as optimize it if there is a need. At Orange Mantra, we carry out an extensive review of your campaign to ensure that it is delivering value for your business. We also provide comprehensive reporting at the individual account level as well as on the aggregate level for getting a clear picture.

Why Choose Orange Mantra For Account-Based Marketing Services

We, at Orange Mantra, are pioneering B2B digital partners as we offer reliable ABM marketing services to help them experience booming growth. Having served B2B clients from diverse industry verticals, we have an unmatched experience to help you in acquiring, protecting, and growing your strategic accounts.


We focus on delivering tailor-made solutions to match your business requirements


We boast of a large number of successful marketing campaigns in the B2B space


Our team of expert marketers has years of experience along with the passion and commitment to serve nothing but the best


We offer high ROI solutions that are developed with the perspective of minimum risk and minimum waste


At Orange Mantra, we take a futuristic approach and integrate the latest technologies in all our solutions

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