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Reliable Call Center Services To Enhance Customer Satisfaction.

The industry scenario is highly competitive these days and businesses have to give exceptional customer services to stand apart. Being available 24X7 is no longer an option as every business has to do this to stay on top. But doing this single-handedly can be a challenge while having a support team round-the-clock can be a big resource burden. Availing call center outsourcing is a smart idea that organizations can use to promote customer satisfaction and retention in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

At OrangeMantra, we bring specialized call center solutions to empower your Customer Care and Contact Center. We rely on Asterisk™, the highly acclaimed Open Source Call Routing Engine, to create optimized agent user experiences. Our multi-channel solutions are designed to empower your customer care team with integrations using standard VoIP calls. Whether it is about providing a powerful CTI Phone bar or managing Inbound Multi Campaigns, Outbound and Blended configurations, our solutions cover them all. We focus on reaching the best KPI and SLA for your customer care, yet presenting a solution that is affordable.

Features Of OrangeMantra Call Center Solution

IVR System
Leverage the powerful Asterisk IVR System to design your Auto-attendant, Customer Satisfaction surveys, and Call back projects! OrangeMantra provides this system to easily create and manage IVR Script logic.
Outbound Dialer
Maximize the talk time of your Agents with our Outbound Dialer! Our multi-channel call center solution offers a complete Automatic Outbound Dialer module:
Preview Dialer Enables the agents to first view the customer information and only then requests the system to make the call.
Progressive Dialer With progressive dialing, calls are placed only when an agent is available for handling them.
Predictive Dialer Optimizes the time of the agents by minimizing the idle times between the calls. Considers metrics such as call duration of calls, answering time, and answering frequency. Places several calls when an agent is about to become idle.
Reporting Tools
Avail our ready-to-use reports or build your own reports to analyze data and performances! Our call center solution contains the advanced Asterisk Reporting Tools. Supervisors and administrators can use the Business Intelligence module to design their own metrics and table DB join operations to match their needs and expected KPI levels. Additionally, they can analyze their call center performances using a list of ready to use Reports, dedicated to Calls Stats, Queues Stats, Agent Stats and IVR Stats.
Real-Time Monitoring
Monitor your agent’s performances and make dynamic changes when needed using real-time panels! As agents handle the calls, supervisors and administrators can consistently monitor the customer care to ensure the delivery of high-quality customer service. Our solution is empowered with embedded Asynchronous technology to guarantee excellent user experience and quality performances. As a part of the monitoring feature, our solution offers:
Real-Time Dashboards which feature a quick overview of the call center statistics about agents, interactions, and queues for each configured channel.
Custom Dashboards which as the name suggests, can be tailored according to specific customer care requirements.
Agent Phone bar
One of the most useful features of the call center solution at OrangeMantra, the Agent Phone bar enables the agents to log in to their queues, manage multiple status/interactions and perform diverse tasks, in accordance with their assigned skills.

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