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Feature-rich Coupon Management System

Create, Distribute, & Analyze Coupons to Drive Better Results for Your Business

We create an AI-powered coupon management system to help you create, distribute, and track coupon performance across all your marketing channels, thereby helping you make well-informed decisions related to your coupon marketing strategy.

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We Create Highly Configurable and Fully-integrated Coupon Management System for Your Business

Today, coupon use is ubiquitous. Consumers’ shopping habits have changed as they have become price-conscious in an unpredictable economy. Most of the consumers spend about two hours a week looking for discount offers or special deals online and often go out of their way for a sale. Online coupon marketing provides a unique opportunity for insight into a customer’s buying journey while engaging customers, promoting brand loyalty, and generating more business revenue. Online coupons create a win-win situation for both consumers and businesses. Adopting online coupons as a part of marketing strategy will definitely prove to be beneficial for businesses and coupon management systems are a vital part of having online coupon strategies succeed.

With our robust online coupon management system, you’ll be able to monitor, measure, and optimize your online coupons across multiple channels using AI. Our system provides valuable data to help you improve your marketing effectiveness. Online coupons become much more than just coupons; a way to attract, engage and convert customers. Orange Mantra’s coupon management system empowers promotional as well as direct marketers to optimize and manage online coupon distribution process by integrating their existing marketing stack such as ESP, CRM, DMP or any other marketing partners, while improving security and control, and reducing unnecessary offer spends and boosting offer ROI.

Key Benefits of Coupon Management System


Gain Valuable Insights

Track every coupon created, distributed, and redeemed. Analyze performance across multiple channels, locations, segments, devices, and other metrics.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Achieve 100% customer satisfaction and gain loyalty with promotions delivered according to customer interests and needs. Also, you can target subscribers based on their geographical locations.

Establish Coupon Redemption Rules

Establish coupon redemption rules easily to specify the redemption channel, coupon expiry date, any volume caps, and many more.

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Key Features of Our Coupon Management System

Customer Tracking

Our coupon management system enables marketers to track customer details and the use of coupons to extract specific customer segments in coupon offers. It also notifies when a coupon misuse or informational fraud happens.

Product Feed

With our coupon management system, marketers can create product-specific discount coupons according to the customer’s preferences for buying products.

CRM Integration

Our coupon management system works well with CRM integration to synchronize CRM data to reach customers. It also includes order history, birthday, location, or any other relevant customer-related data into your coupon marketing scheme.

Coupon Analytics

Our coupon management solution empowers marketers to monitor the analytics for all offers to understand which promotion or coupon works best with customers.

Capabilities of Our Coupon Management System

Customer Order Management

Our coupon management system empowers you to generate professional invoices, manage products and services, send order activation email, and much more.

Client Relationship Management

Using our coupon management solution helps you to maintain and grow your customer base and transactions, and other related information.

Knowledgebase & Support Ticketing System

Our coupon management system enables you to deliver excellent customer support service.

Enterprise-grade Coupon Management System



Configurable Decoupled Solutions

Multimedia Production

High Performance

Optimized for Voluminous Data and Users

Turnkey Solution

Platform Independent

Easily deployable on any operating system



Support for multi-tenant managed infrastructure

Order Tracking


High-end, proven, and multi-level security ensured

Order Tracking


Accessible from any device or platform

Order Tracking


Compatible with farmed or virtualized servers

Order Tracking


Easy deployment and environment admin

Order Tracking


Supports regional currency requirements

Order Tracking

Fault Tolerance

Capable of recovering quickly after any unexpected disruption

Order Tracking


Support different regional languages without coding

Order Tracking

Built on Open Standards

Based on widely-used development frameworks – JS, HTML5, SOAP/REST, BPMN, SQL, ElasticSearch

Unlock the Potentials of AI-powered Coupons

Our coupon management system leverages AI-based methodology to recommend and change offer-values at an individual level for retail and CPG brands, thereby helping them save large amounts on marketing costs. The coupon values recommendations are based on our years of experience studying consumer response to discount offers and proven machine learning algorithms.

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