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Docebo Learning Management Systems

World-class e-learning solutions for delivering effective professional training/online courses.

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AI-powered LMS Solutions for Intelligent Enterprise Learning

Docebo is one of the most advanced and highest-rated learning management systems in the world. The LMS enables users to automate learning management, personalize the learning experience, enable social learning, and do much more.

E-learning solutions enable you to make sure that the training and/or education processes are disruption proof. With robust e-learning offered by our Docebo-based solutions, you can create a completely uninterrupted learning experience. We have a team of expert LMS developers to build highly customized learning management software.

Key Features of Docebo Learning Management Systems

Intelligent Learning Experience

LMS solutions built on Docebo are powered by the most advanced breed of artificial intelligence. It enables developers to create a superior level of personalization. Easily automate time-consuming and repetitive tasks and enhance the learning experience.

Learning Management Automation

With in-built automation features, you can easily automate and manage learning processes. The LMS enables you to create an immersive experience for trainees/learners/employees. Such experiences make sure that the users keep coming back.

Social Learning to Boost Effectiveness

Social learning helps participants to improve the learning experience and reverse the forgetting curve. AI-enabled features like Docebo Discover and Coach make the learning experience uniquely engaging. Besides, the platform leverages user-generated content.

Expand E-learning Services

The diverse features and engaging experience enable you to attract new collaborators. Partnerships help you to improve areas like customer adoption and product renewal. Additionally, you can efficiently increase the value of membership programs.

Mobile-first Digital Learning

Enable users to learn on the go. Docebo learning solutions are highly mobile responsive. Let users consume content according to their convenience, on the device of their choice. Create a mobile responsive design to ensure consistency of user experience.

Create Content That Learners Love

Docebo provides a vast content library with hundreds of courses available within the platform. Deliver highly immersive content to learners without investing much time in content creation. Get engaging, mobile-ready, and personalized content without much effort.

LMS Development Services from OrangeMantra

Personalized LMS Development

Learning management solutions built according to the specific requirements of your organization. From design to the specific AI technology, everything would be of your choice.

Docebo LMS Customization

Customize your existing Docebo LMS software with advanced and more personalized features. An expert team would guide you about what kind of customization suits your platform the best.

Docebo Configuration

Our team of Docebo experts helps you set up the platform according to your organization’s needs. Be it a minor change or major confirmation adjustment, you can count on us.

LMS Maintenance & Tech Support

All your LMS-related queries and issues resolved promptly. We have a dedicated tech support team to address all your requirements. From platform navigation guidance to performance enhancement, we got you covered.

Our LMS Development Portfolio

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    We have the experience of building LMS software for every kind of organization – from small coaching institutes to large multinational companies. This diversity of experience makes our LMS portfolio stand out from others.
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A learning management system provides a software-based platform to teach and learn digitally. A learning management system’s primary functions are training employees/users and reducing a company’s costs of training. It provides a virtual training platform and features for managing learning materials.
Some key benefits of an LMS include:
  • LMS significantly reduces the training cost of organizations.
  • The platforms provide more immersive experience than traditional training.
  • Automation reduces time and costs training
  • Enables learning management, engagement, user adoption, etc.
  • The cloud provides unlimited space for uploading materials to build knowledge retention.
  • The costs of developing a learning management system depend on several factors. Design complexity, type of features, preferred technology, etc. play an important role in calculating the costs. OrangeMantra delivers robust LMS solutions at a competitive price.
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