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Custom Elasticsearch Development Services For High-performance Search

Elasticsearch is a next-gen search engine capable of addressing an extensive range of enterprise-grade requirements. Its distributed framework, RESTful APIs, advanced analytics make it a top search engine. Elasticsearch is fine-tuned for relevance, optimized for speed, and designed to deliver seamless experiences.

Elasticsearch uses a document-oriented approach for storing data in JSON format. The search engine stores and organizes data based on the index and type. The database can use multiple indexes and types. We have a highly experienced team of software engineers, web experts, and eCommerce specialists to build the perfect solution for your business. With years of experience under the belt, we know how to incorporate the best capabilities of Elasticsearch to create a powerful search engine for you.


Why Choose Elasticsearch Development For Your Search Engine?

From impressive search flexibility to cross-platform capabilities and failure-proof design, Elasticsearch offers a battery of advantages.

Flexible searching

Elasticsearch allows you to perform searches in many different combinations. You could use structured, unstructured, geo, and metric searches according to your requirements. Be it a simple search or a highly complex one, Elasticsearch never disappoints users.

Scaled-up analyses

The search engine lets you efficiently analyze staggeringly large volumes of data. Elasticsearch aggregations enable you to effortlessly explore trends and patterns in your databases—no matter how vast they are.

Lightning-fast results

Elasticsearch enables you to get answers from the search instantly. Whether it’s a simple question or complex search with multiple keywords, the search engine never disappoints users. It changes your relationship with data.

Speed-focused design

Elasticsearch’s architecture is designed to enable unmatched speed. The search engine is implemented with inverted indices with finite-state transducers for full-text queries. It also features BKD for storing data.

Cross-platform capabilities

From term frequency and recent searches to keyword popularity, you can rank your search results based on a wide range of factors. Easily mix and match these factors to create comprehensive search capabilities.

Failure-proof structure

Elasticsearch thoroughly detects every potential failure in your system —be it a hardware issue or a network glitch. The search engine framework keeps your data cluster safe and available while operating in a distributed environment.

Capabilities Of Elasticsearch Solutions

Site search

Site search

Create an incredibly fast search experience on your website.

App search

App search

Enable search capabilities across documents, geodata, and more on your app.



Dizzyingly fast and highly scalable logging for all your needs.



Efficiently visualize and monitor extensive ranges of system metrics



Track your site’s uptime, promptly respond to issues and glitches.



Automate threat detection and prevent any potential security risk.

Custom Elasticsearch Development Services From Orangemantra

We offer a complete range of Elasticsearch development services that cover everything related to search engine design, development, maintenance.

Custom Elasticsearch development
We build powerful and flexible search engines for all kinds of your requirements. Whether you need comprehensive capabilities for your website or quick search capabilities for eCommerce, we are here to help.
Elasticsearch consulting
What kind of Elasticsearch solution is most suitable for you? The best deployment approach and features that match your needs perfectly, and any other question, we guide you through everything for best results.
Elasticsearch integration
Seamlessly integrate the world’s most powerful search engine to your existing solution. We ensure flawless Elasticsearch integration with minimal downtime and optimal performance of our solution.
Migration to Elasticsearch
Move your existing search engine and databases to Elasticsearch and enhance user experience. We migrate your site without losing any data and ensure performance that boosts conversion rates.
Elasticsearch upgrades
Get your Elasticsearch solution updated by search engine development experts. Ensure superior performance and enhanced security with the latest version and most advanced capabilities of Elasticsearch.
Elasticsearch maintenance
Be it a minor issue on your search engine or a major troubleshooting requirement, our Elasticsearch experts are here to help you. We have a dedicated tech support team for resolving your queries.

Our Elasticsearch Portfolio

With an extensive range of projects that cover growth-stage startups, ambitious medium enterprises, and large corporations, our search engine development portfolio covers dozens of domains and virtually all major industries.

Our Elasticsearch Portfolio

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Elasticsearch is a distributed, RESTful search and analytics engine capable of addressing a wide range of search requirements. These include textual, numerical, geospatial, structured, and unstructured data, among others.
Elasticsearch is designed to offer rapid results. It implements inverted indices with finite-state transducers for full-text querying. It also features BKD trees for storing numeric and geodata and analytics.
The costs of developing an Elasticsearch solution depend on several factors related to design and development. Design complexity, development time, choice of technology decided the overall costs. OrangeMantra builds highly customized Elasticsearch search engines using the most advanced tools and technologies.